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Following on from the Microsoft Surface tablets there has been speculation on and off about a Surface smartphone. On several occasions now we’ve seen concept designers come up with their own ideas of possible designs for such a phone, and now a new one has surfaced (excuse the pun!). This new Microsoft Surface Phone sleek design with Windows 10 gives us a prospect of what could be.

Designer Nadir Aslam has created the Surface Phone that you can see here, with Eugen Janke producing the 3D renders. We think the idea is very sleek and appealing, and reckon that there are many people who would like to see a Surface handset looking something like this. VaporMG is used in the build, and this is a light magnesium alloy. There’s a slight slant to the edges of the device, which is a nice design touch, and we also like the incorporated beveled kickstand.

It follows the idea of the Surface tablets, as a Touch Cover accessory with keyboard can be added to the mix as well as an aluminum pressure-sensitive Surface Pen. It comes with all the features of Windows 10 such as transparent tiles and has pre-installed Office, Skype and more. As you might expect, this device also packs support for LTE, NFC, WiFi, Bluetooth and microHDMI.

Surface Phone design b

Surface Phone design c

It can also connect up to a monitor for full Windows 10 desktop use and once in PC mode the phone can be used as a trackpad. This Surface Phone vision has an Intel processor and a 5.7-inch Full HD display. We’ve shown just a few of the images here but you can see the full gallery at the source link below.

This is not the first Surface Phone concept that we’ve seen and it’s unlikely to be the last, but we have to say we think this is a premium and sophisticated handset that would really turn heads. Would you be a prospective customer for a Microsoft Surface Phone? Drop us your comments in the box below.

Source: Behance
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13 thoughts on “Microsoft Surface Phone sleek design with Windows 10”

  1. mopinla says:

    The concept and branding is a great idea. I can’t imagine needing a dedicated keyboard that small; might as well thumb the screen. And it must have a dedicated camera button. I’m just waiting for the next flagship Windows phone to replace my Lumia 920.

  2. Curtis Quick says:

    Believe it or not, I think that within ten years this kind of device will be everyone’s personal computer. It will have the power of a desktop and when you are at home or in the office it will become the main productivity device when docked (probably wirelessly) with a large screen, keyboard, and mouse. And of course, at other times it will still be the light, slim smartphone that everyone will use for communication and entertainment when on the go.

  3. Adarsh Rai says:

    I personally dont like the kickstand idea on a phone. Would only need it if a phone is really heavy, which i dont think i would really like. As long as the weight is similar to the 930 or icon it will be fine without a kickstand

  4. Chris Childs says:

    I think this concept hits the nail on the head in many ways – and this is the future of computing.
    The kickstand makes it perfect for real work on the go.

    I would only make 2 changes:
    1) The touch cover would make it difficult to use as a phone in a one-handed way. I think this is why Microsoft recently developed their universal, mobile keyboard, perfect for carrying in your briefcase or backpack for taking notes in class or meetings.

    2) If VaporMG is the same material the Surface line is made out of, I don’t think it is durable enough for a phone. I recently dropped a Surface while it was in a carrying case and it bent the frame enough to crack the screen. Phones get dropped too often for that material to be used.

    Otherwise, I think this concept is on the right track and we should see something similar announced by Microsoft by the end of the year.

  5. Dorridge says:

    My phone is now my main email device, hence the drive towards bigger screens and I like the idea of the additional keypad. The issue with all these extras, like the kick-stand, is that the device needs to remain small, if they add too much to the bulk, then they become unacceptable to carry around all the time. But they need to be permanently attached or else they are not there when you need them, and you never know when you are going to need them! A beautiful looking phone and as a Windows phone fan, I feel there needs to be a jaw-dropper in the range to get some of the publicity away from the iPhone.

    1. Stuart says:

      I think the touch cover would work perfectly if they allowed it to also work as a WordFlow/Swype keyboard by being able to draw between letters.

  6. Jason Michael Stoll says:

    as a delighted surface pro 3 owner I am holding off my next smartphone purchase for just such a device. I own a Samsung note 2, note3 and a note4 but the moment a true surface phone with full windows build, mini display port, touch keyboard and USB appears I will kiss Samsung and apple goodbye. so long and thanks for all the fish.

  7. Dell Kieselhorst says:

    Yes I been waited a long time for a premium Windows Phone. Surface Phone is at the top of my wish list. One of the best uses would be to hook up to a monitor and keyboard to do power texting!

  8. Johnny says:

    Yes, I have been waiting a long time for a good Microsoft phone and I can switch over from my Samsung Note phones which have changed in a direction to much like Apple which is a brand I never liked.

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