Lifeproof iPhone 6 / Plus waterproof case (nüüd) finally available


We’ve been writing for some time about the Lifeproof waterproof cases for the iPhone 6 and 6 Plus. There were two types of cases originally teased back in September and the frÄ“ case for the iPhone 6 came into stock in November. However, the nüüd case for the iPhone 6 Plus and iPhone 6 has been a long time coming. We’ve been checking every day and there’s good news for people who have been waiting for these cases. The Lifeproof iPhone 6 and 6 Plus waterproof case (nüüd) is finally listed and in stock right now.

The frÄ“ case was only ever listed for the iPhone 6 but the nüüd case has been showing as ‘coming soon’ for the iPhone 6 Plus as well as the iPhone 6 for months on end. This had led to plenty of frustration from owners of these smartphones waiting for the case, but at last they are available. We’ve received a huge amount of emails and comments from readers asking when they will be available but you need wait no longer.

The Lifeproof website now has the iPhone 6 nüüd case up for grabs with a price tag of $89.99. This one comes in black/black, blaze pink/clear, blue/black, teal/black, and white/gray color options. It’s listed as ‘in stock’ right now but not for all colors. Alternatively if you want the nüüd case for the iPhone 6 Plus it has a price of $99.99. It comes in black/black or white/gray color choices, both of which are showing as ‘in stock’ at the time of writing.

iPhone 6 Lifeproof case b

The case is not only waterproof but also dust, snow and shock proof. It’s submersible at depths of up to 2 meters for up to one hour and has drop protection for up to 2 meters. For the iPhone 6 nüüd case head to this Lifeproof product page, or for the iPhone 6 Plus nüüd case head to this product page.

It has no doubt been a long wait but we’re pleased to be able to say that the cases are ready and waiting. Are you about to head over to Lifeproof to snap up one of these waterproof cases for the iPhone 6 Plus and iPhone 6? Maybe you got tired of waiting and purchased an alternative case accessory?


4 thoughts on “Lifeproof iPhone 6 / Plus waterproof case (nüüd) finally available”

  1. Cornel Blakely says:

    Received mine in the mail and already returned for a full refund. Charger door broke and wouldn’t close, also call quality suffered due to the mic being covered so deep in the case. A $100 waste of time for my 6+.

  2. DaninTN says:

    Bought mine as soon as i got the email it was available for 6 plus. It is very difficult to swipe up from the bottom to get to the control center. The call quality was an issue but i found a trick online that said to blow in all of the microphone/speaker ports for 3-4 seconds like you were blowing up a balloon and that made it much better. My charge door broke after 7 days so i went online and filed a warranty claim which they had no problem honoring. Shipped me the case for the 6 so i had to call and get that redone. My new 6 plus case is on the way but i have a feeling the cover for the charge port will break again. It looks like a poor design and when it breaks it defeats the whole purpose of the life proof case.

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