Galaxy S5 and S4 Lollipop update problems cease rollout for some


Samsung has never been known for pushing out speedy Android updates, but over the last few months we’ve seen Android Lollipop arriving for a few of its devices. However, it seems issues are affecting some units, as it’s now reported that Galaxy S5 and S4 Lollipop update problems have ceased the rollout for some.

The Android 5.0 Lollipop update started to release for the Galaxy S5 in limited regions in early December, and has slowly appeared for further regions including the UK, US and more recently Canada. As for the Galaxy S4, users in Russia first started receiving this update in January, but these kinds of updates can take some time to reach all regions, with carrier variants often being among the last to receive them.

Now there’s some rather alarming news, as the Lollipop update for the Galaxy S5 and S4 in Norway has been stopped because of several bugs that have emerged. It’s reported that the update there has been pulled by Samsung following the initial rollout. One of the glitches affects functionality of the Contacts app and another involves freezing of com.android.phone.

On its official Facebook page Samsung Norway has acknowledged these issues, and it seems plenty of users are frustrated about ongoing difficulties since the update arrived for their handset. What isn’t yet clear is whether the concerns with the update that have led to it being pulled in Norway will also affect the Galaxy S4 and S5 Lollipop upgrade in other regions. So far we haven’t heard of any major issues with the update for the Galaxy Note 3 and Galaxy Note 4, and hopefully that will remain the case.

If you have already updated your Samsung Galaxy S4 or Galaxy S5 to Android Lollipop we’d like to hear from you. Have you noticed any problems since updating your smartphone, or is everything working smoothly for you? Share your opinions by adding a comment in the box below.

Source: Samsung Norway (Facebook)
Via: SamMobile


23 thoughts on “Galaxy S5 and S4 Lollipop update problems cease rollout for some”

  1. Aqws says:

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  2. kunalm83 says:

    People in India and elsewhere are all facing lots and lots of issues with Galaxy S4 Lollipop update.
    I have updated my Galaxy S4 (I9500) to lollipop just a couple of days back and am HIGHLY disappointed by the outcome.

    Some of the issues I am facing are as follows:

    1. The phone drains battery very quickly now (especially if it is using Mobile data), and gets heated up very quickly,
    3. applications crash very frequently and sometimes the phone itself restarts,
    4. apps open very slowly,
    5. the Contacts app keeps crashing all the time with the popup “Unfortunately, contacts has stopped”,
    6. wallpaper changes automatically,
    7. keyboard keeps disappearing while I am typing something,
    8. sometimes after I exit from an app, the app drawer shows a blank and takes some time before the apps are visible.

    Basically almost everything that can go wrong has gone wrong. The phone is almost totally unusable now. I have cleared the cache at startup, but the problems creep back in one or two days. The device was working perfectly fine with Android Kitkat and I really wish I could go back to that.

    Just waiting for Samsung to release a fix to at least make the device usable.

    1. Kams says:

      Hi there. I am getting the same issues plus mobile 3G network keeps dropping after some time, which requires either restart or switch on and off the flight mode.

  3. John stainthorpe says:

    Updated s4 to lollipop in UK. Google services stopped working couldn’t log into google account play store was uninstalled a0s disappeared had to reset to factory settings to get it working again. Tried to contact Samsung but web site kept saying the form wasn’t filled in which it was. Sheer wasteof time.

  4. Al says:

    Updated my S5 yesterday to lollipop – have com.android.phone – now unusable as a phone, the only way to supress the popup messages is flight mode, and its impossible to call, sms or retrieve voicemails.

  5. blue Jean says:

    After the update, lost message sending ability(can receive them) and then WiFi connection ability as well. After attempts to clear apps, uninstall/install, and the troubleshoot list on Verizon, did a factory reset (reset to Lollipop, not KitKat). Regained the WiFi connection, but no messaging changes with either Message+ or Samsung messaging. Having a wonderful time using my tablet to text on via Message+ though…

  6. nicksibbo says:

    S4 updated today to lollipop and fine keeps going to black screen or white screen (white if using facebook) having to reset everyone this happens and battery life doesn’t sen to be as long as it used to be

  7. Donna Day says:

    Problems with wife, 4G and 3G with no connection on many apps. Notifications don’t seem to pop up when the phone is locked, and messages aren’t received or sent for hours (around a 12 to 18 hour delay) . Also I don’t personally like the look of it to be honest. Hope these problems are fixed soon or perhaps ill have to make a change of phone.

  8. Tiffany says:

    Hi everyone, if you have the update and wish to revert/downgrade to the previous update until this one is fixed I have the solution. After a phone call with Samsung I discovered that a quick trip to a Samsung store or the Carphone Warehouse and they will downgrade your device for free. However be sure to back up all of your apps and data before hand as to be sure not to lose anything in the process. I’m currently downgrading until the new update is fixed or changed. Hope this helps.

  9. John Mitchell says:

    Recently updated my Note 3 and it is now almost useless. It immediately wiped my photos, I get no notifications of texts or calls and it freezes at will. The bright blue and orange background colour is hideous and it regularly tells you that “contact app is not working” and closes down. Avoid this update if you want your note 3 to be a good reliable smartphone.

    1. Sabriel says:

      I’m getting much the same problems. (UK S5). The phone freezes, is incredibly slow and laggy, contacts and other apps crash frequently, whereas it was fine before the update. It’s so frustrating. My husbands phone is exactly the same.

  10. Rachael McDade says:

    recently updated my samsung s4 (3 mobile) instantly lost home screen notification bar ringtone message/notification tone only have vibrate when receiving a call, message or notification. when receiving a call screen is blank so no idea who is calling me cannot update any apps due to no notifications.Do not know what to do as i want to save my text messages fb messenger messages from my recently deceased mother and stepfather 3store hadnt a clue what to do without wiping the messages samsung couldnt be bothered with my reasons for not doing a factory reset and wiping the last visual conversations i had with them both cannot even download the keis app on to my chrome book totaly disgusted with 3 and samsung

  11. Diane says:

    Since the update I can’t open Knox, the battery keeps overheating, voicemail problems, shuts down while I’m on a call. I hate the colors and they can’t be changed. Overall I hate it! These are just the things I’ve noticed so far, it was updated a couple days ago.

  12. Vincent Rodriguez says:

    I updated my s4 to lollipop yesterday and now the 3G doesn´t work well, I receive notificacions of apps but pages on chrome never load and neither do facebook, instagram, etc… with wifi everything loads normal.

  13. XiW says:

    After new update, I have to turn on/off few times mobile data to load page, because it just connects to mobile data carrier, but do not receive internet connection. And its f***ing frustrating…

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