Real Racing 3 issues since latest app update


There are plenty of fans of the Real Racing 3 app and you only have to look at the ratings it receives on Google Play and the App Store to know that. The mobile racing game was updated just yesterday to version 3.2.0 bringing some nice new additions, but we’re now hearing of Real Racing 3 issues since the latest app update.

The newest Real Racing 3 update brings Aston Martin racing and more, but this isn’t the first time there have been reports of problems with this app. After an update that arrived in January we also reported about this. While many gamers will be appreciating the latest upgrade to the app, once again there are complaints from others about various difficulties they are having with it, many concerning the sound. We’re already receiving comments and emails from our readers about this, and looking at the user reviews on the app descriptions shows many more.

For example one of our readers commented today, “Sound is trashed after yesterdays update to 3.2.0 [437] on Galaxy S4 android version 4.4.2,” while another wrote, “Real racing 3 automatically updated today and now has problems with sound.” On iTunes a commenter said, “Since the new update it keeps crashing, especially when doing time trials and you sacrifice your drive!”

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Meanwhile over on Google Play you can take your pick from the many complaints from app users. For instance one commenter wrote yesterday, “Real racing 3. Great game but since the latest update I’m having problems with the sound, can you fix please.” Another said, “This would have received 5 stars as it is a brilliant game, realistic tracks and cars, and you can do a lot without spending any money. Unfortunately I just updated it and it deleted all of my progress.” As another example one player wrote, “Crashes on the start of the game, Android 5.0.1. It shows me news and crashes.”

Because of these glitches the game seems to receive either a very high rating or a very low rating with not much in between, so although it’s clear that not all users of the app are affected it’s quite evident that plenty are. What’s more difficult to tell is whether the problems are widespread or isolated incidents, as there are always likely to be at least a few that are encountering issues with such a massively popular game.

With this in mind it would be good to hear from readers about this. Do you play Real Racing 3 on the Android platform or with an iPhone, iPod touch or iPad? After the latest update to the game have you noticed any problems or is everything running smoothly with it for you? Let us know with your comments.


18 thoughts on “Real Racing 3 issues since latest app update”

  1. Rams says:

    Updated automatically on my ipad ios8, now I have issues with just about all cars in the pro am and pro categories. Car sounds are messed up, auto gear changes and acceleration seem to either redline for ages or sound like variable transmission. Momentary freezes during play can result in accidents or going off track. Some cars not performing as they did comparable with ghost cars of lower spec.

    1. Lars Volz says:

      This has been my experience as well (exactly). I have been peppering FM With requests for a fix and am still waiting for feedback. I would encourage others to do the same.

  2. Roy says:

    Since I was at fase 02 of the Aston Martin N430 challenge, the game crashed and now, three day’s later, still crashes when the screen turns from EA to FireMonkeys logo. I just can’t start the game on my 5.0 Galaxy S5. Tried to install it on my older S3, but also the same problem. I need to race! Hope they will come very fast with a solution!!

  3. Kevin Wong says:

    After the N430 update, I lost all sounds, or it overlapping and looping at itself, like endless echo.
    Also lost last month’s gold purchase, and lost local save, this update surely was a big sacrifice for me.

  4. We says:

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  5. Lars Volz says:

    This last update wrecked the sound. Game is now unbearable to play. Cars wind out as if stuck in the redline so it just creates a horrible wine I deeply regret the upgrade.

  6. Christian says:

    Hi every one, I am using rooted Galaxy S4 device with android 4.4.2 and since the update 3.2.0 the game just force closing and it got problems with the sound. I tried everything even reset my phone to factory Settings,getting the app from other stores and websites but nothing helped.If anyone has a fix or something like that pls help

  7. howardbamber says:

    Nexus 5,lollipop 5.1
    Since the last update it’s closed,on opening for all my friends with lollipop and a Nexus. It’s not good enough for such a big company. The way every part is milked for cash is bad too. Someone I know spent £1300 on it and it’s in serious trouble with his wife. They should know how to code for lollipop by now but it appt they do not. They just want the money from those who can play and did the rest. They have had plenty of time. They don’t care.

  8. Even though this article was written almost year ago, it is still very relevant I must say I am having the very same issue with my Tecno Camon C8 on Android 5.0 Lollipop OS and it is so very annoying!!!

    Thank you for this article though, it was really helpful and relieving to know that I am not the one suffering this.

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