Mortal Kombat X Mobile Android release still MIA on launch day


Today is a huge day if you’ve been itching to get your hands on the Mortal Kombat X, and mobile gamers were treated to a pint-sized version of the game last week with Mortal Kombat X Mobile. Well, iOS gamers did as the Mortal Kombat X Mobile Android release was nowhere to be found. Unfortunately, that doesn’t seem to have changed as the Android version of the mobile port is still MIA.

We see a lot of console game tie-in’s these days when a new game launches, and the Mortal Kombat X Mobile Android release is something a lot of mobile gamers were looking forward to. We gave the game a brief rundown when it was released for iOS, and while some reviews haven’t been kind, the download numbers prove it’s a popular game. It’s going to pick up a slew of new users today with the Mortal Kombat X launch, but Android users are going to have to wait while their iOS counterparts game away.

NetherRealm Studios has remained quiet over the missing Mortal Kombat X Mobile Android release, and have only said the game is “Coming Soon.” That’s the same message they were sending out last week, and it hasn’t changed much to the dismay of Android gamers on Twitter and Facebook. Either way, it’s a major misstep for Warner Bros. and NetherRealm, and it “could” be due to another exclusive deal with Apple.

Developers tying their games to a particular App Store isn’t new, but it’s something that is downright ridiculous when that mobile game is put out to promote a major release. Warner and NetherRealm have done this in the past as well, so while it could be a delay due to bugs or other issues, it’s more than likely delayed because of exclusivity. Hopefully, we’re wrong and the Mortal Kombat X Mobile Android release will arrive on Thursday with the usual batch of games, but we’ll have to wait and see.

Are you disappointed Mortal Kombat X Mobile isn’t available for Android on launch day?


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17 thoughts on “Mortal Kombat X Mobile Android release still MIA on launch day”

  1. Juan S. says:

    No, I have my iPhone to get apps first for me. My androids for other uses but seriously, Google play has got to get their s— together! Their game offerings suck, like…a lot!

    1. Lucas Swart says:

      its not them dumb ass, its apple paying off the game companies to hold off on their android releases. and don’t tell me that its not true, because it obviously is.

  2. Eddie-Spaghetti says:

    Just shows how little they care about the consumers. Between the exclusivity on Android/iOS and all the IAP’s in the console game, it’s all about the money these days…

  3. Antonio Robinson says:

    IOS and android looks exactly the same that’s no excuse that they can’t release android version the same day as the iOS version its the same game I mean come on they make us wait until June now this for mobile

    1. SomeRandomPlayer says:

      As an android user, I am saddened that I am having to wait longer than ios users for this game.

      As a programmer however, I can understand the difficulty in porting the game over. While both will look similar, Android and ios use different programming languages so it isn’t as easy as just posting the same code onto both the Apple and Google play stores.

      1. Antonio Robinson says:

        I understand now thank you for clearing that up I appreciate the explanation and you have been kind to me I wish you good health and happiness for you and your family and friends

  4. ZombieNation says:

    I actually ended up not getting the game because of this. Anyone who plays favorites especially to apple is a clown shoes bozo ass dicknose.

  5. smith cosme says:

    Is not fare for android users is making us not even want to play it anymore why we have to wait so long for it is not good for us sorry

  6. Chase says:

    HELL YEA I’M DISAPPOINTED, I eat, breath, live, and sleep mortal kombat and as an android user I can say that I am extremely unhappy with the release on IOS and not android, FIX THIS
    NetherRealm Studios.

  7. WykkidAmbitions says:

    No Android game…Online functionality all kinds of jacked up Nothing so far for buying the $90 “premium Edition”. No definite release dates for ANYTHING! This has to be one of, if not the worst release I have ever seen.

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