Samsung Galaxy Note 5 release disappointment spawns petition


The Samsung Galaxy Note 5 was unveiled in the week with a swish new design. The phablet is about to release to particular markets, and US buyers will be able to get their hands on it from August 21. However, there was some bad news for UK and other European buyers when the company said that the Note 5 will not release there, at least during this year. Now though, Samsung Galaxy Note 5 release disappointment has spawned a petition asking Samsung to have a rethink.

When new devices are on the way we often find out many of the specs, features and more before the official launch. That was exactly the case with the Samsung Galaxy Note 5, but one thing we didn’t foresee was that there would be no release of the phone in Europe when it launches for other regions. Samsung is focusing on Asian markets and the US for sales of the Note 5 although the company will release the Galaxy S6 Edge Plus in Europe.

The S6 Edge Plus was announced at the same time as the Note 5, but the decision to miss out the European market for the Note 5 is causing a fair amount of consternation among buyers who are eager to get their hands on the phone. Although Samsung hasn’t ruled out expanding the reach of the Note 5 to more markets, it won’t happen this year. Now a UK online retailer has set up a petition appealing for Samsung to bring the Note 5 to Europe.

Clove UK acknowledges that many potential buyers are disappointed at the non-release for Europe, and urges people to show how important the Note line is to them by taking part in the petition. You can sign it at this Clove page by entering your name and email details, and the retailer hopes that this may lead to Samsung having a change of heart.

Comments we’ve seen make it clear that some are pretty angry about Samsung’s decision, and there will no doubt be plenty of potential buyers signing the petition. However, we should also say that there appear to be many people who are not bothered at all about the Note 5 not coming Europe. The lack of expandable storage and a non-removable battery has been a real let-down for many enthusiasts of the Galaxy Note line, and forums and social media are teeming with those who feel let down with the Note 5 and no longer want it anyway.

We’re really interested to hear from readers about the decision not to release the Samsung Galaxy Note 5 in the UK and Europe, at least not initially. Are you upset about this because you want the phone and feel snubbed by Samsung? Maybe you are one of those who had decided not to buy it because of the non-removable battery and lack of microSD expansion? Do let us know with your comments.

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7 thoughts on “Samsung Galaxy Note 5 release disappointment spawns petition”

  1. Alan Delfiner says:

    I totally agree. I would never buy an iphone because of the non removable battery and no sd card. How could Samsung be that stupid? Now I would bot buy this!!

  2. MarkCohn says:

    Loyal Note buyer (Note 3 & Note 4) but will not be getting the Note 5. Reasons why: No removable battery, Too small battery, No external storage, Too small internal storage, and No USB 3.1 connection. Now I’m waiting for the either the LG G4 Pro or the new Nexus. Samsung, you made a big mistake not listening to your loyal users……

  3. Jim Turner says:

    Release the Note 5 in Europe because I think there are enough people like me that will not be upgrading due to no SD Card Slot or replaceable battery. Sammie has made a huge mistake. When you analyze the specs for the Note 5 against the Note 4 there just isn’t $900 worth of difference! Auto eject s-pen ……. WHY?
    BIG MISTAKE! ! !

  4. emessager says:

    Totally disappointed by Samsung’s decision. They have betrayed why Note fans are into the series in the 1st place. Bigger Amoled screen with removable battery and expansion together with an intuitive S Pen, it is power users dream phone. In the beginning, many people were mocking at an oversized phone, look at the size of their smart phones they are using now! With the note edge, Samsung again dared to experiment with a functional side panel. I thought it was a briilliant innovation to the Note series and was looking forward to Note 5 edge as not many people were cool with the idea as it’s only on one side. Disaster struck when Note 5 removed the 2 major life lines of the series , the removable battery and expansion slot which power users are relying on rather than the S Pen. Many of them are shifting their attention to other brands which offer what they really need. The Note 5 is indeed an enlarged S6 with S Pen. Samsung, please bring back the success recipe for the Note series!

  5. Anthony Gunby says:

    Nice handset. I have all the notes, expect I won’t. be buying this one when available. Bad move Samsung, no replacement battery not to mention it’s 200 mAh less than the Note 4’s. No expandable memmory. I’ll be sticking with my Note 4 unless you make a revised model.

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