Windows 10 Mobile latest preview vs WP 8.1 speed comparison on Lumia 930


Many people are eagerly waiting for the Windows 10 Mobile update that is expected to land in fall. The OTA update will be made available for various existing Lumia smartphones and is also expected to feature on the heavily rumored Microsoft Lumia 950 or Lumia 940 and XL version. Today we’re showing the Windows 10 Mobile latest preview vs WP 8.1 in a speed comparison on the Lumia 930.

The well-liked Nokia Lumia 930 released last year running Windows Phone 8.1 and is one of the devices that will receive the upgrade to Windows 10 Mobile (see details of update list). The YouTube video that we’ve positioned below this story shows a Lumia 930 running the Windows 10 Mobile Insider Preview build 10512 against another 930 running WP 8.1.

One thing to stress before you watch the video is that this is not the final build of Windows 10 Mobile and so we can expect more improvements to performance and stability with the finalized version. Therefore we shouldn’t be too surprised if the Lumia 930 running Windows Phone 8.1 currently offers the better experience. The latest technical preview of Windows 10 Mobile shown in the video does contain speed improvements over earlier builds although there are no new features.

The video look provides a chance to check out several different aspects including bootup speeds, unlocking, the start screen, app loading, built-in apps, browser performance and more. By the end of the 12-minutes it’s fair to say that WP 8.1 currently still offers the best performance. However, as we mentioned previously there are bound to be further improvements to Windows 10 Mobile before the final release. Hopefully once it’s ready it will outshine Windows Phone 8.1 on the Lumia 930.

What do you think of this early look at Windows 10 Mobile on the Lumia 930 and the comparative speeds against WP 8.1? Are you itching for the final build of Windows 10 Mobile to be ready? Send your comments to let us know.

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3 thoughts on “Windows 10 Mobile latest preview vs WP 8.1 speed comparison on Lumia 930”

  1. Richard says:

    At first I didn’t really like the new UI update but after this build it got good. The problems im having with 1052 build is that Bluetooth audio does not work, Edge crashes and will not load pages at times. Programs are not loading that I use. The camera and location has issues within apps. Groove Music which i look ia really bad at you need to be login all the time to play the music.

    Windows 10 Mobile needs to get all these issues fix before launch day.

  2. MrBeck says:

    I’m a huge supporter the idea that is win10mobile and had installed for about 4 weeks before I got so fed up with soft resetting the other day. 10+ times I soft reset Lumia 1520. Nothing worked, just stopped and froze with every reset. Reinstalled win8.1. Issues I found with win10mobile… mobile hotspot doesn’t work, Cortana is a joke as well as bing search, cellular data is seriously limited in OS, data is working great since 8.1 was reinstalled, apps require so much data now that a lot of apps just load and load and hang. I actually threw my phone I was so pissed due to it being in the middle of my work day and could no longer use phone. Do not install preview!! Microsoft can go f themselves for being this far along with build 10512 and still basic functions don’t work well at all. Oh, edge browser in win 10 mobile is disgustingly horrible. Oh, and why they include Onedrive as an app still and not integrated it like the desktop in the native file explorer is moronic in my opinion.

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