HTC O2 aka One M10 rendered in style


HTC has not had the success it has expected for its flagships over the last few years, but recently there was news that this could change with the next version. Overseas reports suggested that the next One flagship, which would logically be called the HTC One M10, would instead be called the HTC O2. Leaked specs indicated something to get excited about, and now the HTC O2 aka One M10 has been rendered in style.

In our previous report on the HTC O2 we gave details of specs and more, and the details made this look like an extremely promising smartphone. Some of the specs given were a Snapdragon 820 processor, Adreno 530 graphics, a 6-inch display with Quad HD resolution of 2560 x 1440, 4GB of RAM, and internal storage options of 64GB or 128GB.

Further leaked specs included a 20.7-megapixel rear camera, 5-megapixel front-facing snapper, and 3500 mAh battery. We would also expect BoomSound stereo speakers. The reports implied that a 5-inch version would also be offered and would have a 4K display. While it’s all very well coming up with the goods as far as HTC O2 specs are concerned, there will be many people hoping for a new look as well. That’s where the work of designers comes into play.

Hasan Kaymak is a well-known name in this field and has now created the render of the HTC O2 that you can see here. It’s a good-looking device with plenty of metal on show and a really premium look. We’d pretty much approve of this as the next HTC flagship, but what’s really important is what you think.

If the HTC O2 turned up with the above rumored specs and with this design would you be happy? If not, what would you personally like to see for the HTC O2? Drop us your comments in the box below.

Source: Hasan Kaymak (Google+)
Via: Concept Phones


7 thoughts on “HTC O2 aka One M10 rendered in style”

  1. Loui MacPherson says:

    This is what happened last time. All these renders will absolutely look better than the actual released phone. And people will end up VERY disappointed. The pinnacle of smartphone design happened with the HTC M7. Since then all phones have moved to look like it. iPhones looks like it. Samsung’s edges are worthless and the phones look tacky and shiny. And nothing has looked AS GOOD as the M7 ever since. I doubt the M10 or O2 will look better than the M7.

  2. Sue Henry says:

    Whatever it looks like,it better have an amoled screen. Consumers prefer a vibrant screen. Period. Samsung has that only advantage. HTC has the best designs for a phone. Period. A design like the sharp aquos crystal thinner,more ram,power and in aluminum would be awesome for the HTC M10. That design is underrated. Ticks me off that HTC cant pin down an amoled manufacturer. remember the Legend or the G2? Aluminum and amoled. Solid phones for its time. Wtf htc??

    1. Gunther Mangelschots says:

      Chassis wise I am inclined to agree but the front, yes indeed that much discussed black bar, is a deal breaker for me. And you are right, the screen to body ration of the Sharp Aquos is fantastic

    2. John Chin says:

      I donno, I for one prefer LCD over OLED screens. OLED screens suffer from burn in, pixels such in on-screen keyboard and status bar icon burns will appear as you use the phone. I am willing to sacrifice vibrantness and contrast of OLED for LCD just to avoid this defect. I like my screen look as new even after two years of use. So I really prefer it would come with LCD instead of OLED.

  3. DDroid45 says:

    I am very familiar with the designer you speak of. Problem is, I have never seen his work developed, This means this article is a tease and is setting us up for a big let down

  4. FLPatsFan12 says:

    Admittedly, I am a fan of HTC phones. I started with a HTC 4G(big screen) and moved on to the EVO 3D(was nice but nobody else could see the 3D stuff), a One X(pretty good all around phone), a One, and a One M8(I really like this phone). I skipped the M9 because it is too similar to the M8 and I couldn’t justify the cost. For the most part, the biggest downfall you hear about HTC is the camera, which is perpetrated by the media. The phone takes amazing pictures people! Ya’ll are just spoiled! lol I mean c’mon, look how far they have come. Oh no! There’s a shadow on my face in this picture! We can’t have that! I detail boats for a living and music makes my day. I can hear the music in my pocket as I work and my workers can too. The speakers sell this phone.

    I am looking forward to the M10/O2 to replace my M8. My biggest request is battery life. We don’t need 4K display, although we won’t say no if you give it. I will not want to sacrifice battery life to get it though. I wish it were waterproof too. Water damage is all too common but that is impossible to do with external speakers that require holes. My Otterbox has an opening so you can hear the speakers. Waterproof speakers? I have been eyeing the new Xperia Z5 Premium, but AT&T doesn’t carry it.

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