Lifeproof iPhone 6S waterproof cases


Lifeproof is one of the most well known makers of waterproof case accessories and as such we try to keep readers informed about these cases for new iPhone releases. Lifeproof iPhone 6S waterproof cases are now showing online with prices, although they are not available yet and currently listed as coming soon. We hope that the iPhone 6S and 6S Plus cases become available rather sooner than the same cases for the iPhone 6 and 6 Plus last time around.

At around this time last year we informed readers about Lifeproof’s upcoming iPhone 6 waterproof cases and the company had issued a teaser saying they were ‘coming soon.’ However, we had many comments from readers over the coming weeks that the cases were still not available, and it was not until late November that the frÄ“ case for the iPhone 6 was in stock. Meanwhile those people waiting for the nüüd waterproof case had to wait several more months until the following March for it to become available.

We’ve just checked the Lifeproof site for Apple iPhone 6S waterproof cases as well as for the iPhone 6S Plus, and there are three different cases showing. For the iPhone 6S there is the FrÄ“ case at $79.99 /£69.99 and the FrÄ“ Power case at $129.99 /£109.99. Both are listed with the dreaded ‘coming soon,’ and you can register to be notified when they become available. There’s also a Nüüd case listed for the iPhone 6S priced at $89.99 /£79.99. This one is labeled ‘in development’ although it still says that it’s coming soon.

Lifeproof iPhone 6S waterproof cases

For the iPhone 6S Plus the FrÄ“ case and Nüüd case are both listed priced at $89.99 /£69.99 and $99.99 / £79.99 respectively. There’s no listing for a FrÄ“ Power case for the 6S Plus at this stage. You can see full information about all of the above cases at this Lifeproof page. The FrÄ“ Power case is shown in the image above while the regular FrÄ“ case is shown below.

We can only hope that the cases become available more quickly than for last year’s new iPhones and we’ll be following this with interest. Are you intending to buy one of these Lifeproof iPhone 6S waterproof cases when they release? Let us know with your comments.

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