Nokia C9 design has the appeal factor


There are legions of people hoping for a new Nokia smartphone this year. There have been rumors and leaks about a Nokia C1, which could be the first of the new Nokia-branded smartphones, and we’ve already seen several concept ideas for various new Nokia handsets. Today we have a new one to share, and this Nokia C9 design has the appeal factor.

If you’re a fan of the Nokia brand you will know that part of the company’s deal with Microsoft meant it is unable to release any new smartphones until later this year. There’s a lot of interest in the Nokia C1, and we’ve reported about this one on several occasions now. Most recently we gave details of leaked specs and images, although nothing is confirmed at this stage.

The lack of further news on new Nokia smartphones leaves the field wide open for concept designers to work their magic. Now one of our most featured designers, Jermaine Smit, has created the Nokia C9 vision that you can see here. It’s a good-looking handset that comes in a variety of pleasing colors, and while Smit hasn’t given us any imagined specs for this device we can revel in the styling instead.

Nokia C9 design
Nokia C9 design d
Nokia C9 design c

The designer has managed to come up with a new-look Nokia phone that we think many readers would like to see. It’s a premium looking handset with a metal frame, and the rear is made out of a leather/rubber type of material that looks as though it would be very comfortable to hold. The main section on the reverse can have either a smooth or dotted finish and you’ll notice that there’s also some slight curvature for the back of the handset.

The renders here all show the rear of the handset but you can also see the front in the video that Smit has produced for this Nokia C9 design. We’ve embedded the video below this article for your viewing pleasure. The size bezels of this handset are extremely slim and overall it’s another impressive design from this concept artist. If you enjoyed checking out this Nokia phone design you might also like to see some other Nokia phone concepts that we’ve shared, for example this Nokia E1 or how about this unusual Nokia Lumia 767.

We really appreciate this new Nokia C9 concept and think it would really appeal to many fans of the brand but do you agree? Would you like to see one of the first new Nokia smartphones look just like this Nokia C9?

Source: Jermaine Smit (YouTube and Twitter) Thanks Jermaine!


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