LG G5 T-Mobile offers include 360 CAM and Battery Bundle


The LG G5 release is almost upon us, and as we expected, carriers and retailers are pulling out all the stops. One of the sweeter deals we’ve seen thus far comes from T-Mobile, as you’ll get some killer freebies depending on when you pre-order.

As we like to say, T-Mobile does things differently. They have amped up their Binge On program this week with the addition of YouTube and others and are pulling out BOGO deals and various other tricks to lure new customers in. Their mobile love has extended to the LG G5 release today, and they’ll let you order one a couple of days early because that’s how they roll…

T-Mobile will open up orders for the LG G5 on March 29, a couple of days ahead of the April 1st rollout. If you opt to pick up the G5 before April 17th, you’ll get a free battery pack and docking station which is a pretty sweet deal. That said, if you purchase one before April 5th, you’ll get the LG 360 CAM and the battery pack combo.

The LG G5 price through Magenta is listed at $26.25 a month for two-years, which shakes out to around $629.99 when it’s all said and done. If you want to hear more about their offer up pre-register for the LG G5, hit up the link below.



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