iPhone 8 rumors suggest Dual Edge Display


While we wait for the iPhone 7 release date to arrive, news is already pouring in about the iPhone 8. Today’s rumors are a bit more interesting than most, as they could point towards a major design change courtesy of a Dual Edge display.

While most folks can agree Apple makes some very solid products, their smartphone lineup has largely stayed the same from a design standpoint. Plenty of companies have copied that famous design, but many feel they could stand to revamp the line to a degree. If a new report pans out, fans will get that in 2017 with an iPhone 8 that possesses Dual Edges like the Samsung Galaxy Edge series.

HIS Technologies analyst, Kevin Wang, has come forth with some interesting news after speaking to sources from Apple’s supply chain. According to Wang, the iPhone 8 will mark a major change in the lineups design language, as it will have wraparound glass that will give it an edgeless look similar to the Galaxy Edge series. Considering all the previous battles over copyrights between Apple and Sammy, we have a feeling they will do enough with their “edged” handset to differentiate it from the Galaxy Edge.

For now, you’ll want to take any rumors of an iPhone Edge with a dose of salt along with anything else related to the iPhone 8 release. That said, it would be in the company’s best interest to do something along those lines next year as a big change of that nature would bring in mega-millions for the company.

Would you be interested in an Apple Edge smartphone or would you like to see something else from the iPhone 8?

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