Sony Xperia X Line Now Available on Pre-Order in US


If you’re a big fan of the Sony Xperia X line and you’re from the land of the free, home of the brave, the good news of today is that they’ve just become available on pre-order. We’re talking about the Sony Xperia X, the Xperia XA, the X Performance and the XA Ultra. As I am writing this piece, there are two main retailers accepting pre-orders on these droids,  B&H Photo and Best Buy respectively. I am pretty sure that these two are just the tip of the spear and in the next period more retailers will  step up to the plate.

In case you weren’t paying attention to our news bulletin, Sony already revealed both the pricing and the availability of its Xperia X line of devices for the United States. For example, the Xperia X will go in sale at the end of the week, on June 26th with a price tag of $560 (contract freethat is, unlocked, stock and two smoking barrels). The Xperia XA and X Performance will hit the shelves a little bit later, on July 17th. The Xperia X Performance will carry a price tag of $700, because performance doesn’t come cheap, you know, while the light-weight Xperia XA will cost you a mere $280.

Last but not least, the Sony Xperia XA Ultra is the latest of the bunch landing in the United States, on July 24th, being a little bit more expensive than the regular XA,  with a price tag of $370. Keep in mind that all these prices are contract free, hence if you’ll be opting for a plan which includes free minutes, messages and mobile internet, the you’ll probably get some big discounts on each of these fellas. Needless to say, the  Xperia X Performance will steal the show, but there’s always a price to pay for glory, literally.

Sources: Best Buy | B&H Photo

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