Beware of Malware When Downloading Pokémon Go for Android


Pokémon Go is a hugely successful yet  very recently released Android game, an instant hit that took the world by storm, just like Flappy Bird in its time. However, despite its enormous success, which already made it bigger than Tinder (and it will also surpass Twitter soon according to analysts), you must be very careful when/where you’re downloading-installing it.

According to various security researchers, if you choose to install Pokémon Go following the instructions provided by many gaming and tutorial websites, you will be advised to download the APK following a non Google Play link, i.e. from an un-trusted source,due to the fact that Pokémon Go’s official website is suffering from a serious server-overload issue. The overload-issue is generated by the huge amount of time users are spending playing the new Pokémon Go and here comes the problem.

If you’re choosing to download/install the APK from a third party, you may end up installing DroidJack malware on your droid, together with the game. The malware was discovered by Proofpoint, an internet security company, which determined that many online tutorials will infect you with malicious versions of the Pokémon Go, and you’ll end up with a backdoor on your smartphone, thus allowing hackers to compromise your droid 100%.

The malicious APK is infected with DroidJack (that’s a RAT i.e. remote access tool) via side-loading (when you’re installing untrusted 3rd party apps), hence side-loading is a no-no procedure, being a very risky practice which may lead to installing malware on your device.

Now, if you want to make sure your Pokémon Go is not an infected version, you’ll have to check the game’s permissions by going to Settings-Apps-Pokémon Go. If you discover that Pokémon Go asked for permissions such as read/write log calls, read/edit your SMS/Web history, read/modify your contacts, change network connectivity, record audio or directly call phone numbers you must immediately uninstall it, as it’s definitely infected with DroidJack malware. Bottom line, it’s advisable to wait for the Pokémon Go to launch officially in your country instead of risking compromising your smartphone.


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