Pokemon Go Now Available in Canada!


Pokemon Go is making a fortune for Nintendo and it’s already a legend in its own time, being the most popular game in the history of the United States. Today’s good news comes for Canadians, as the beloved augmented reality app for Android and iOS is now available in their country for download. Thing is, despite its instant/huge success and millions of fans/downloads, Pokemon Go still has plenty of markets to expand, billions of hearts and minds to conquer and places where there’s no access momentarily, hence this situation has to change.

However, even if Pokemon Go “unofficial” trainers have been available in non supported markets, via side-loading the APK file, this is not the ideal route for getting to know the mysterious universe of Pikachu and his weird friends. As I already warned you in my previous articles about the Pokemon Go phenomenon, you may come across malware and/or fake apps if you choose to download the game from unsecured 3rd party sources, that’s always a risk when you party with strangers, but fortunately, that is no longer an issue for our Canadian friends and neighbors.

Since Pokemon Go released officially for both iOS and Android users in Canada, you’ll have to visit the your Apple Store or Google Play Store, pray there’s no server lag/overload and you’ll be able to download and install the game on your precious and, if everything goes kosher, start playing now! The general surgeon’s warning is that if you’re playing Pokemon Go for less than two hours a day, you’ll fail to achieve victory at life!

Now with Canada joining the international hype (some call it obsession) together with its American, Asian and European counterparts in the strive to catch-them-all, it’s almost sure that many other countries will become part of the Pokemon Go universe in the days and weeks to come.



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