Pokemon GO Windows phone release date unknown as Petition hits 100,000


We’re not sure how well Pokemon GO is doing in other locales, but the buzz has started to die down a bit here in the states. The Pokemon GO Windows phone release will definitely kick things back up if it ever arrives, and a new petition shows there are plenty of folks longing for the game.

Unless you have been dwelling under a rock, Pokemon GO has become a pretty big deal. Android and iOS users have gone nuts for the game, while Windows Phone Pokemon GO players have been left in the dark. A big of good news came their way a few days back when an unofficial client for Pokemon GO Windows Phone became available. While it’s not a full-fledged app, most folks seemed to be pleased with the results…

As for the official Pokemon GO Windows phone release, things are much more unclear. Niantic and Nintendo have remained quiet on the situation, but the fanbase has not done the same. There is a petition online that has gained over 100,000 signatures for the Pokemon GO for Windows release, and we have a feeling it will grow far larger before the game actually drops… if they release it at all.

It’s not uncommon for a minor or major developer to skip a platform (or two) when a game drops, but when it’s something like Pokemon GO, fans tend to get a bit upset. While Niantic has been busy working on Pokemon GO updates, folks with Windows phones are still wondering if they will ever see an official port. While you wait, you can check out PoGo-USP, which is a workaround client of sorts that will allow you to get in on the action to a degree.

If you want to sign the Pokemon GO Windows phone petition, you can do so here as they need all the support they can get. Alternatively, the PoGo-USP app is available to download from the link below, just keep in mind it is in the Beta stage and not official.

Are you waiting to get your hands on Pokemon GO for Window phone?

PoGo-USP on Github

via – WinBeta



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