iPhone to gain Simpsons, Spore Creatures, Need for Speed Shift games

Word is EA has now announced the impending launch of 3 big franchise games for the iPhone; the Simpsons, Spore Creatures and Need for Speed Shift adding more to the already abundance of EA games in the App Store reports an article over on venturebeat.

As one would expect, Need for Speed Shift is a racer and exploits OpenGL ES 2.0 delivering better graphics. The iPhone user controls the vehicle by tilting the handset and tapping the screen to break and has 3 playing modes, rookie, pro and expert, and there is a career that takes you through 28 races and multiplayer is available through 3G networking or Bluetooth.

With Spore Creatures you become a creature on land, once you have created your creature there are 4 land zones and 30 levels to go through and each time you beat the boss creature, a new section of the world is unlocked for exploration. The player eats other creatures absorbing their DNA to evolve; also you can rather than attack, socialise and communicate with other creatures to get them to become allies.

Finally the Simpsons Arcade for the iPhone, which is basically a fighting game where Homer find a secret within a donut. The donut is stolen and you play Homer and go in search of the stolen donut, fighting several bad characters from the hit TV show. Homer can also enlist the rest of his family to help out in this 6 environment, 25 level iPhone game.

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