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iPad 3 on way, cheap iPad 2’s available

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By:Maddy | February 13th, 2012

Apple’s iPad 2 tablet officially released to the waiting world nearly a year ago, and it was shortly after this period that news started to surface that the Cali Company were thinking of developing a new iPad 3. Rumours have been in full swing from that time until now with what the tablet will have in terms of features, as well as its release date.

Before we give you a brief rundown of what’s expected and its release date, we wanted to tell you that some US retailers have already started to drop their iPad 2 prices in preparation for the new iPad 3. Slashed prices according to, have included $70 off the 16GB WiFi iPad 2 slate, with a message to customers which states, “while supplies last.”

As reported, big retailer Meijer are giving the biggest discount on the popular tablet with others following suit. Multiple sources have reported that the iPad 3 will be announced the first week of March with a release of March 9th, bringing it into line with the iPad 2 which came the same time a year ago.

Rumoured specs include a higher resolution screen that of a Retina display, A6 quad-core processor, better optics for a back camera and so on.

Tell us whether you are waiting for the new iPad 3? Are you an Apple fan through and through? Perhaps you are considering getting an iPad 2 with a reduced price?

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  • Hodgesj

    I am awaiting the release of iPad 3 and I already have a buyer for my iPad 2

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