Samsung Galaxy Note 2 T-Mobile release and Verizon branding leak

While there may be many consumers currently busy pre-ordering a certain new smartphone from Apple, another handset has recently been grabbing the headlines and raising anticipation for its release, the Samsung Galaxy Note 2. The device is expected to release in many regions next month, and previously it was thought the US may have to wait. Now though there is news of an imminent T-Mobile release and a leak showing the device with Verizon branding.

An article over at Sammobile is reporting that sources have confirmed the Samsung Galaxy Note 2 will be arriving on T-Mobile in the US. The original handset was pulled at the last moment, but this won’t be happening with the upcoming new model. The T-Mobile version will be known as SGH-T889, and as it was reported previously the T-Mobile version will have the same specifications as the international model.

Sources are reporting that Samsung are currently busy testing Android Jelly Bean for the T-Mobile version, and will come with the software pre-installed when released. The company readies test builds every 4 to 5 days and sends them out to device testers via an OTA update.

Samsung is presently testing the T889UVALIC Firmware that was compiled on September 15th, and the site already has all the Android 4.1 test OTA updates on their firmware section here. Meanwhile following a leak earlier doubts about the handsets availability have been finally put to bed.

As you can see in the image above courtesy of the guys over at the Android Community, the Samsung Galaxy Note 2 has leaked covered in Verizon branding. The carrier’s logo can be clearly seen on the home button as well as on the back above the 4G LTE logo.

The device could be a test model as there are some slight doubts about the images, as the logo on the back looks normal, but that can’t be said about the home button. Now all we need is that all important release date, which could be happening on October 21st on rival carrier AT&T.

Are you getting the Samsung Galaxy Note 2?

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  • Pete

    After years of iPhones, I need a change. The Note 2 I believe, is the way to go.

    • note_lover

      Good for you, as that is going to be my next phone as well. I sure you’ll be happy with it…

  • claudio8459

    Switching from Iphone 4 to GN2 cant wait for it o be released. The Iphone5 is a big disappointment. Android/Samsung are way ahead of Apple, the Galaxy Note 2 is a BEAST!! the Iphone well is Mickey Mouse

    • note_lover

      good analysis lol! I’m sure you’ll love the Note 2!

  • Samir fahel

    I like it mor than IPhone

  • Abdullah Naji

    The Galaxy Note 2! =D
    The best smartphone on the surface of the Earth.

    • note_lover

      My words exactly!!!! Can’t wait!!!

  • ROB

    I knew BIG RED wouldnt leave us in the dark. The best smartphone with the best network is just EPIC!!!

  • Jim

    I really want the Note 2, and if its on Verizon you bet I am getting one.

  • ROB

    Jim……I am getting this phone also. Been waiting forever.

  • Manukai Fuller

    Sprint don’t miss the bus, please offer the samsung galaxy note 2 now, or there will be one less rider on your bus

    • Old smelly farticous

      Patients my child, your time will come…

    • TAUSMC

      There have been leaks that Sprint will be getting this phone. It looks like all the US carriers will get this phone.

  • Hnt

    Dont matter Verizon give us a release date so I can sit in front if the computer waiting to order that monster!

  • Nucky

    Will be getting this. Apple lost me with the “iphone 5” thank god I’m not a fanboy

  • Ted Mingolla

    The GN2 is the phone to get, nothing can touch it. This phone is worth switching carriers. Dump the iphoney…

  • Alan The big guy

    I can’t even tell you how much I want to get rid of my crapberry…sorry did I say that outloud?? I am SOOO sick of my phone… Anyway, I have been following this phone for a few. Onths and everybody that I have seen that reviews them LOVES it!! I am a big guy so the size is perfect for me… breathless with anticipation!!!!

  • misterburns

    The note 2 is my dream come true!!! Hurry Verizon and release it!!

  • eestubbs104

    I am definitely going to drop my 2 year old HTC Thunderbolt for the Samsung Galaxy Note 2 and I might even drop Verizon for T-Mobile or AT&T if need be.

  • BennyTriad

    I like this phone, definitely planning to purchase if it feels good in my hands, gonna be hard to give up s3 and one x tho

  • De Conquistador

    remember the T Mobile version is supposed to have the International specs, fingers crossedxx….

  • Carlton Powell

    Heck yea

  • Karlitos

    iPhone 5 was a total disappointment. I have an iPhone 4s and I can’t wait to replace it with Mr Samsung Galaxy Note II

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