iOS 6 jailbreak imminent & web intrigue at untethered claims

There are a huge amount of hopeful people waiting for an untethered iOS 6 jailbreak right now and we recently told how renowned developer and jailbreaker pod2g said it could be a while until one becomes available. This caused plenty of disappointment but a new claim of an iOS 6 untethered jailbreak for the iPhone 5 is causing mass web intrigue, with many people excited and some just downright skeptical.

Recently we told how an iOS 6 jailbreak with Redsn0w was now available but this was tethered and only for certain iOS devices. Many people rely on the likes of pod2g and the Chronic Dev team to come up with the untethered iOS jailbreaks so after pod2g’s tweet saying he himself wasn’t currently working on it, the social networks and forums were abuzz. Many people are very keen to get the coveted jailbreak so there’s a certain amount of frustration out there from those who are eagerly waiting. Now though there are claims that one UK hacker is on to the untethered iOS 6 jailbreak and says that for the iPhone 5 it’s only days away.

A report on International Digital Times says that the student, currently taking A Levels, has posted tweets with some rather intriguing details. This hacker goes under the Twitter name of @like_a_sir and one tweet on his personal account reads, “Modded version of Redsn0w + iOS 6 + iPhone 5 + Time = Untethered Jailbreak”, while another says, “This iPhone 5 Jailbreak debugging is going to make me fail my A levels -_- If you want my source just follow and tweet me.” As you can imagine it wasn’t long before this news spread rapidly and it was all over the Internet.

This has caused a huge amount of debate and discussion amongst jailbreakers and hackers as it would be amazing if a young student studying school exams actually managed to come up with an iOS 6 jailbreak before the likes of the Chronic Dev team but of course we have no way yet of knowing if this accurate or pure pie in the sky. IDT has contacted the hacker in question and has been told by ‘like a sir’ that he will provide them with further information in the week.

Whether you believe it or not this is certainly causing intrigue and taking a look at comments to @like_a_sir’s tweets shows many people really excited at the news and impressed at the thought that this might have been possible. One person commented, “If this turns out to be true how ridiculous it would be. The chronic dev team would be pissed. I mean this kid comes out of nowhere and breaks the A6 while there (sic) still pissing around with the A5. Funny stuff.” There are plenty of comments along these lines but also of course many people are dubious about the claims with comments being posted such as this, “Sounds more like @like_ a_sir is like a big fat fake.”

Some have taken to trying to check out ‘like a sir’s’ credentials though and there is some evidence that the hacker is not completely unconnected to the jailbreaking scene. In one of his tweets he told how some time ago he released an unlock while using the name of iPhoneK1LLA for 3GS. On investigation the video was discovered and is legit and it was found that he also came up with a FaceTime tweak for the iPhone 3GS.

@like_a_sir is also at odds to point out that he’s working with another developer and it seems that he has deep admiration for the Chronic Dev team as he also tweeted, “Chronic DEV are far better than me with expertise, but I think I just got lucky with this one.” Although at Phones review we cannot recommend readers jailbreak their devices we know there’s a huge amount of you who enjoy the freedom of doing so and so thought it important to let you know about this news.

We have to say that if this young man has come up with the goods for an iOS 6 untethered jailbreak it’s hard not to admire his ingenuity and it’s certainly causing shockwaves in the jailbreaking community. We’re interested to hear thoughts from our readers on this one.

Are you one of the many waiting for an iOS 6 untethered jailbreak? If so do you think there’s any chance that this youngster from the UK is just days away from doing so? Maybe you think it’s highly unlikely and wonder why anyone would believe it? Let us know with your comments.

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