BlackBerry vs iPhone 5, the need for businesses

No doubt most are aware that when it comes to smartphones, businesses play a big part in ensuring a device becomes a success. Many businesses went with BlackBerry devices for their company due to the security offered by Research In Motion devices. However we all know that BlackBerry has been losing out hand over fist to rival devices, and in the business sector as well as the public space.

BlackBerry handsets were the biz in the past for businesses, but with the likes of the iPhone, RIM’s handsets have been losing out as more and more businesses opt to ditch BlackBerry for the iPhone. Just last month we reported that the US Immigration and Customs Enforcement agency (ICE) had decided to give BlackBerry the boot in favour of the iOS smartphone.

ICE wasn’t the last to ditch BlackBerry in favour of the iPhone though, as the latest word is the US National Transportation Safety Board will now kick BlackBerry to the curb and take up with the iPhone 5, apparently because BlackBerry has become somewhat unreliable.

Obviously Research In Motion would like to stop the flow of businesses deserting their platform for rival devices, and wants to gain back some of their grip on the corporate sector. The Canadian company hopes to grab back a large portion of lost market share, along with keeping hold of what grip they have left on the corporate sector with the arrival of BlackBerry 10 and Alpha devices.

The iPhone 5 is obviously the better smartphone when compared to BlackBerry devices that are currently available, and this is no doubt why businesses are turning to Apple’s smartphone over BlackBerry.

We recently posted an article comparing the screens of the iPhone 5 with BlackBerry 10 London, but it isn’t just about the display, and that BlackBerry 10 smartphones will sport touch screens, as when it comes to businesses it will depend on just what new BlackBerry 10 devices have to offer hardware and software wise.

Obviously we don’t know that much about BlackBerry 10 or what the new RIM smartphones will actually offer the corporate sector to stop the flow over to the iPhone 5. Basically it will come down to if Research In Motion can bring the security they were once famous for with their handsets to BlackBerry 10, and offer a better more secure operating system that Apple’s iOS.

We also reported a while ago that it is expected RIM will be holding a BlackBerry 10 event on the 30th of January 2013, where the firm will show off two BlackBerry 10 smartphones. Along with confirming the release dates for those devices.

However some analysts believe that Research In Motion have left it far too late to deliver BB10, and the operating system will be dead on arrival, and if that turns out to be correct it could mean the end of RIM and BlackBerry, especially when it comes to grabbing a big slice of the business sector because RIM basically needs businesses to grab hold of BlackBerry with open arms once again to survive.

Of course, RIM just might shock everyone and deliver BlackBerry 10 devices that will grab back businesses from the iPhone, but as there is still some time to wait for the company to deliver BB10, whether RIM can actually pull the corporate sector back into BlackBerry arms remains to be seen.

What do our readers think about this, can RIM bring back business interest with BB10, or do you think even more of the corporate sector will switch to the iPhone 5?


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    S-Tomas says:

    Apple iOS is getting rather dated now, so when BB10 hits the streets Apple will really have to do more than add just a case tweak or two to stay in the game. I really think RIM have a good shot with BB10, granted they were getting a little dated compared to the rest of the market and lets face it the marketing compared to Apple is rather weak, but having seen BB10 at a dev conference recently, I was seriously converted.

    Yes I have to say I really will be ditching my iPhone4 in January. Just kicking myself that I didn’t buy some shares in RIM. Certainly wish RIM luck on this, its very brave to do what they have done with the hardware and software changes in one, this is just the sort of thing that technology needs every now and then, I wish the press would see it for what it is for a change and recognise the fact that it’s companies that do things like this is what we call progress.

  2. iOS can’t compete with Blackberry Balance, separating and securing personal and business applications was critical and BB10 is the only one truely offering this. It’s a major advantage over iOS and Android, it will take more than minor updates for them to stay competitive in 2013, it may be even impossible for them to offer this kind of security, malware developers will probably stick with Android and iOS for a awhile till they do what RIM did, produce a modern OS.

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    S-Tomas says:

    Well as an iPhone user I am really loosing faith in Apple – correction I have lost all faith. RIM in my opinion are doing what all good technology driven companies should do – “Progress and innovation”. I really wish the media would start to think of the positives that RIM are trying to achieve instead of getting into the “well its not an apple” argument each time.
    Apple were good but lets face it there is only so many cosmetic and minor tweaks that we as end users can put up with, they are really not cutting it now. Certainly the latest OS update is a joke. RIM at least are taking a very brave step with the hardware and software changes and I really wish them luck. I for one will be ditching my iPhone and going BB10 in the new year. Just wish I had bought some shares in RIM last month.

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    Rcorsi says:

    Poor BB they are from a different time and for them to be able to catch up with applications of their own to compete with iPhone and Android is foolish. Sell off what you have left and get on board.

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    Muzammil Ahmed says:

    I am happy with iPhone 4s this was my second Apple experience and I found it very pleasant. So I may keep myself sticked with iPhone.

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    Elmo Harris says:

    Remember that Apple was once where RIM is now. What the analysts fail to recognize is that the duty cycle of a smartphone is two or three years at most. Those customers that bought into Apple last year will be in the market again next year. If the apps are there, and it looks like that’s coming along, there should be no problem grabbing those customers next year. Unless, of course, Apple is planning on upping their operating system which I don’t see happening real soon.

    What would benefit RIM enormously would be to dis-associate this new series with those awful breaches in security they agreed to with India and Saudi Arabia. This should begin as a new ballgame. Let India go if that’s the way they want it. The world will continue to revolve without them.

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