Galaxy S3 JB 4.1.2 Premium Suite problems in US

Towards the end of last year Samsung started to push out the Android 4.1.2 Jelly Bean update to the Samsung Galaxy S3, and besides the new features that the later Android software brought to the handset Samsung added some of its own. There seems though that the Galaxy S3 Jelly Bean 4.1.2 update in the US is having some Premium Suite problems.

The Samsung Galaxy S3 Android 4.1.2 Jelly Bean update is finally starting to reach end users in the US, but it seems that the users that have already updated their handsets are not getting the Premium Suite features with the new software.

Now if you don’t already know about Premium Suite this is quite a big deal as it contains a number of neat features, which are not part of the new Android OS. It includes the likes of Multi-Window that just like the Galaxy Note 2 allows two apps to be run at the same time, but there are a number of other features that led to Samsung to post two videos onto YouTube that can be seen below.

You wouldn’t have thought that Samsung would want its customers to miss out on these features, and in turn alienate them from purchasing future products from the company. It may be the carriers that have requested that Premium Suite is left out of the update, and so far we have heard that MetroPCS customers haven’t received the features and the Verizon version was leaked before lacking them.

Hopefully Premium Suite will be added at a later date but it certainly seems a strange decision not to include it now.

Have you received Android 4.1.2 on your Galaxy S3 without the Premium Suite features?

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Galaxy S3 4.1.2 Jelly Bean update Premium Suite disappointment

  • James Thompson

    I wish we could purchase the update through Samsung

    • Luke Johnstone

      what? pay for an update?

    • yani Napoleon

      me too under these circumstances

  • rhay

    they should give us an option to update our phones. i dont mind paying an extra dollars. US Carriers sucks, pretty much the same with our government.

    • yani Napoleon

      your right

  • public

    Such a turn off Samsung and us carriers

  • Cynthesizer

    I just got the full update tonight through Sprint… Its a full update…its pretty cool

    • Cynthesizer

      btw, i live in the U.S.

      • Amy Parent

        I did not get the premium suite in the us… Did you? I have an s3

    • GTWalling

      Define full update. Premium Suite or not.

      • Amy Parent

        I didn’t get premium… Sucks.

  • philmiami USA

    Got the OTA from MetroPCS 3/1/2013. OK but would have liked to get “premium” also but being able to ROOT JB 4.1.2 makes a whole lot of difference now (just like rooted ICS 4.0.4). So I’ll take what I got and being rooted as soon as it’s out I can side load it and try to whole set and not what my carrier wants me to have. It’s MY phone, I paid for it so I can do what I want with it.

  • Axel

    I’m on Sprint and my GSIII was updated to 4.1.2. However, no Premium Suite features.

  • StarChile

    I live in the U.S. and just got the 4.1.2 update this morning. I thought what a great way to start the day until I realized Premium Suite was not included! Super Lame!!! I don’t know if its sammy or Sprint but ether way its weak sauce…

  • jon

    It would be nice if the people that got the update tell what carrier your on and model number of phone ???
    Im on 4.1.1 from t-mobile no sign of 4.1.2 or premium as of yet :(
    Was really hoping for the (sgh-t999)premium features didnt wanna fork out the money for the note 2 just bought the s3 in August

  • Sam I am

    If the carriers allow a full update less new phone sales. It is all about the money. USA the land of screw the consumer.

  • Niv

    No premium suite for me. Sprint carrier.

  • Nick Rodriguez

    I got it on sprint, no premium suite though… Really bummed

  • Dumb Samsung US

    This is the last time I buy a Samsung product, it took forever to get an update on the Epic 4g and gave them a second chance with the Galaxy s3 now they doing the same thing? Should of stayed with iPhone.

  • yani Napoleon

    how does india and malaysia get the update before us. it probably took a whole village to pay for one Galaxy. no offense to indians and malaysians.

  • Expedy

    I don’t think Samsung or the carriers will release the full premium suite until after the new Galaxy S lV is released and sold for a while. I didn’t wait and went and got the Note ll; much better than the S3 regardless of premium suite.

  • Manuel Ruiz

    I recieved the 4.1.2 update and no Premium suite. I was very excited that Sprint finally had pushed the update today. I too thought, what a great way to start the morning! My GSIII rebooted twice and was dissapointed

  • Hovig Ghazarian

    This is why Apple’s IOS is done perfectly. Apple’s IOS is not supplied by its carriers but done by Apple. Meaning what Apples says is in the software update, every product regardless what carrier it is. Whatever is in IOS 7, every product will receive the features in that software update. Blackberry and Android suffer this problem greatly. Europe gets Samsung’s premium suite while the US doesn’t. This kills my hope of what Samsung’s Galaxy s4 will have in terms of the US carriers.

  • momo

    now some may say I am wrong but I think we are not getting the updates we supposed to get because we do not have quad core phones why is the US getting products that different in specs

  • kees44

    hurry up with the new premium its not our fault some users experienced problems they were probably not tech savoy to use the premium suit in the first place not fair Us cellular !!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Someone

    Buy a god damn Nexus 4 if you want all the updates

  • Bdrook

    I updated to 4.1.2 and I must say, it sucks. For some reason it takes forever to erase text. I’m probably going to turn into a caveman and just get a regular call/text phone. I’m seriously tired of all the providers and their BS. S3 4.1.2 Verizon

  • thenme

    This update is horrible. I didn’t get any of the premium features, and my phones performance has gone bad. They got rid of the “edge zoom” feature, which I loved, and there is no option to turn it back on. Also, my phone now lags for periods of ten to twenty seconds when I’m doing things like using the internet or just trying to send text messages or type. My phone, that I loved a week ago, has become a low performance pile of garbage that I hate. – stock GS3

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