Nexus 4 for India official release still unknown but accessories arrive

We’ve been following the release saga of the Google Nexus 4 by LG in India and sadly the official release is still unknown. We have many readers in India and have received plenty of comments expressing disappointment and frustration about this state of affairs. However accessories for the Nexus 4 are now beginning to show up in stores so maybe this is a promising sign of an imminent release and a speculative date of April 20th would fit with this.

We’ve seen several rumored release dates come and go for the Nexus 4 in India and still nothing has been officially announced for when the phone may arrive. Google’s Eric Schmidt has apologized for the lack of timely releases of Nexus devices in India and India is listed as an official supported country on its Nexus 4 microsite but there’s still no news. However the Nexus 7 tablet was finally officially released through the Google Play Store in India and we hoped this was a good sign for the Nexus 4.

One indication that we’ve often found reliable for the imminent arrival of a device is that accessories start arriving for sale in retail stores and screen protectors, battery chargers, cases and pouches for the Nexus 4 have all appeared in stores in India recently. Some online sites are also selling the Nexus 4 handset itself but at inflated prices. For example one site is selling the Nexus 4 for over Rs. 23,500 whereas the expected price of the officially launched 16GB Nexus 4 is around Rs. 16,250 so we’d urge readers to wait if they can possibly stand it.

Regarding that rumored official release date of April 20th we hesitate to mention this as it comes from Saholic who have now displayed several different release dates that have not come to fruition. Last time we wrote about the Nexus 4 for India though, Saholic had another arrival date showing of April 30th that had just been taken down again and replaced with the dreaded ‘coming soon.’ However Daily Bhaskar reports that since then Saholic has now come up with another date of arrival for the Nexus 4 and the new date is April 20.

We don’t want readers to get too excited about the April 20th release date that is being rumored though as we are now very close and still nothing has been confirmed. However we shall be following further development and will bring you firmer news as we hear it.

Are you in India waiting for the Nexus 4 to officially release? Are you frustrated by the lack of solid information from LG and Google as to when you might be able to get your hands on this phone? Maybe you’re now considering an alternative smartphone as you are tired of waiting? Let us know with your comments.

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  • Rahul Gupta

    I am in the capital of India and waiting for Nexus 4 for ages now and might end up buying Galaxy Grand if Nexus 4 doesn’t arrive by end of April.

    • rohan


      • Abhishek Kimmoji

        imm still gonna wait..

        • abhishek

          hmmm… will come….

      • Rajaa Chowdhury

        Nexus 5 with Key Lime Pie is expected to be officially launched next month. By the time Nexus 4 comes to India, it will be a generation older outdated model. :)

        • Nipun Gauba

          correction nexus phones always launch in sep-oct months
          but in google I/O nexus 7.7/ nexus 7 2 will be launched

  • Rohan

    I cant understand why google doesnt respect its Indian market! I have been waiting for ages and this is frankly getting ridiculous! Im gonna end up buying the micromax canvas hd!

    • Praveen J

      i dont think google is disrespecting the indian market. It is just that, this time they didn’t get the numbers right. Underestimated the product dearly….

      • tttaaaaa

        Do you work at google ?? how do you know ???

        • Varun Priolkar

          common sense

          • Rick

            Good One

  • Dev

    out of
    100 , 50% of die hard fan of google already bought from U.S. , 40% are
    already move to other devices & rest 10% are waiting till apr , if it
    doesn`t launch , they really move ….

  • unmesh

    Looks like google is gonna do April fool to users in India.. have decided to move to other devices like Samsung grand or HTC desire series…

  • Abhiraj

    If i am unable to get a nexus 4 from play store by 20th, I will definately go for a s3.

    • Subham Shaw


  • Damo

    Eagerly waiting for the launch in INDIA :)

  • Subham Shaw

    Really need it.

  • puneeth

    i don’t think the 16GB version will be available for Rs. 16250 even if google officially launches it in India..

    • SiD

      True, it would be priced somewhere close to the 25K point I believe.

  • Deepak Arora

    I will still wait for its release.. but it will be a HIT only if price is below 17000 else a FLOP.. as better options are available above it..

    • mohd fahd

      dude nexus 4 in d USA is 19000 u think dey ll release it here for >16000?? :/

      • Angad Grover

        He means 8gb

    • Grimmjow

      what better options are available, may i hear?

  • harshahv

    On what basis was the price of 16250 quoted in the article? 16gb version costs $349 in US which is roughly 19000 (before taxes). LG is currently selling Optimus G for 33k in the market. I don’t think they are going to kill their own Indian flagship. If (and it’s a big if) it releases in India, expect a price tag of 30-35k for the 16gb and 27-32k for the 8gb.

    • mandar

      if that happens middle finger :)

    • SiD

      The price quoted in the article is completely baseless. However if, Google is going to bring in nexus they will never do the mistake of pricing it higher than 22-25K. It is true that that will completely kill LGs flagship phone. Probably that is one reason that Google has still not launched the nexus 4 in India while they have launched nexus 7 (although the price of nexus 7 in India is higher considering exchange rate, it is still priced extremely competitive.) competitive pricing has always been Google’s major selling point in every market they have entered. I see no reason for Google to deviate from that in India.

      • Grimmjow

        my prediction for N7 was spot on and i don’t think an 8GB version will be released here. 16GB should be priced 26-28k.

        • SiD

          Why do you think that they may not launch the 8 GB version here? (if at all they launch N4 in India). My thought is, if they price 16Gb version at 26-28K that would place n4 in an extremely competitive space. Why would google want to take that risk especially when googles device selling strategy is not based on deriving profit out of device sales.

          • Grimmjow

            even at that range, it still blows out everything in the market. Google wants profits from developing markets because Apple domination here is less so they dont have to price is very aggressively to attract attention.

          • SiD

            I seriously doubt if google has a strategy of making profit out of developing markets through hardware sales. If that is the case google could have launched nexus in several markets including India already (not to forget earlier nexus devices). Also please note how google is managing motorola after acquiring it. revenue from device sales probably wont even become 1% of googles revenue. nor are they interested in getting in to hardware business to make it an important revenue stream. This is very clear from their general market approach. Google is selling mobile devices just to increase foot print of android and their other web based services.

  • Harshit Raj

    waiting till april … will go 4 something else after that ..

  • arpithpm
  • Nathan

    To those of you waiting for the phone…it is worth the wait. i just got the phone 2 days ago from the states. i paid roughly 21k in total. Common sense will tell you that the cost of the 16GB model will be nothing less than 27k which is still worth it considering the phone’s quality, specifications and novelty factor. Only the S3 outdoes the phone that too marginally in terms of performance in various parameters.

    If lack of expandable memory is not your concern, i don’t see why anyone wouldnt want to get their hands on this phone. Added advantage – it looks great and lacks the ‘plastic’ look of the S3. The Xperia Z sells for 39k and barring expandable memory and 4G, the phones are very similar. Moreover, beiing a google device, the latest updates are there for the taking. Of course, nothing like if you can get the phone from a relative coming down from the states :)

  • pkg

    now saholic says coming soon, in place of 20th april. it can be good or bad news as well

    • Prabhjot

      Believe it or not. Saholic doesn’t know a thing. Why would Google allow only Saholic to sell N4 when they didn’t sell it through Best Buy, Amazon, Walmart in US?

  • Rexon George

    I think the price is gonna be around 24000
    200 dollar nexus 7 is 16000
    300 dollar Nexus 4 is bound to be almost 24000
    350 dollar Nexus 4 is bound to be almost 28000

  • kashyap

    shame on google and lg . because if such big companies cant stand on their word the reputation decreases. even though i am a fan of lg and google i want to scold them like anything . still waiting and waiting and waiting to release of nexus 4 in indian market

    • Angad Grover

      Scold them like anything – so cute

  • Divyang

    now i m frustrated so I may move to samsung galaxy model… so

  • Mahesh Yerra

    I am eagerly waiting for this launch for past 5 months. and yes I am looking at alternatives now. will still wait until April 30 if this launch hapens.

    Surprisingly I see rumors on net already about Nexus 5 device with 2.3 Ghz Quad core process . but we haven’t seen Nexus 4 in India yet.

    Mahesh Yerra

  • Gagan Badwal

    Already Grabbed one from AU just waiting for the same to reach INDIA in next 3-4 days :)

  • Prabhjot

    One of the lamest article I’ve ever read. “Some online sites are also selling the Nexus 4 handset itself but at inflated prices” Were you living under the rock till now?

    “However accessories for the Nexus 4 are now beginning to show up in stores” So? If phone is already available, having accessories available is a big deal? How difficult it is to import the phone for an “online store”?

  • Natwar

    I don’t think people are crazy about google as much as they are in India, still I don’t see any response from Google team about launching their products in india. Nexus7 have come now, which 70-80% of people have already settled for other tabs.
    Now Nexus4, if they keep on delaying the release, all they would get is a cold shoulder from buyers too. Since people don’t mind shelling out money for a good phone.

    • Mukesh

      That’s why I have ordered from US :)

      • natwar

        ordering and getting it, are two different things 😀 hahahahah

  • DRB

    with nexus 5 specs appearing , its seems after fews months they will stop manufacturing it and also they are focusing on the x-phone series..

  • abhishek

    i am dying to hold it im my hands….i want 2 feel d curves,i want 2 touch d screen…..ummmmmmm dont knw how to express my feelings…i want it badly

    • Mayank Samsung Grand

      mean while if u want u can hold my d ick in ur hand…..nd feel d curves dn have fun

  • Grimmjow

    How can a 16GB N4 priced at $350 (~Rs 19k) be priced at 16k? You are obviously stupid. It won’t be less than 25k otherwise it will cannibalise the market for LG Optimus G.

    • Angad Grover

      Are you serious?
      There is no market for LG phones
      Except this nexus

    • anshu

      LOL…. Have you ever tried to know the market share of LG mobile phones in India?? Its less than 2 %. Nexus 4 is d only hope LG can have to dig its feet deep into Indian market and create a brand value.

  • Sandi

    I will wait but too much time has already been taken. If any phone comes in between they will loose the market.

  • satya

    Fed up with waiting…now moving to galaxy grand

  • Anurag

    Got a Nexus 4 from eBay…. 24k….totally worth it….Nobody knows when Nexus 4’s going to launch here

  • sai

    Tired of waiting
    Mail me as soon as it is released
    Will the google offer price will be 16500?????

  • natasha

    i really wanted this phone, ordered via PPO box n by then the play store didnr accept international credit cards. One of colllegue went to US , Boston and guess what happens Bomb blast and again i get declined. Dam you Google!!! India is big market and you should consider it !!!!!!!!!!

  • Balaji

    What is the real problem behind this delay? atleast Is Google planning to get its next version of nexus 4 in India on time?

    BTW, if we buy Nexus 4 from US, does it still have the warranty covered from India?

    • Prakash

      No way

  • Joke fyl

    I have mine already bx ny. It’s awesome

  • nirlesh dube

    i need nexus 4 to be launched in india in this month of april 2013..

  • ravi

    my nexus 4 is broke down . How can I change my gorilla glass & from where

  • Fri

    yup…i was tired of waiting for news of the nexus launch in India, finally decided to get the galaxy s3. I think unless there is any official news, noone should keep their hopes up.

  • Siyamkumar R

    Its no wonder the delay for the google latest nexus product reaching India as LG and all other smartphone manufacturers sell their product at very steeped price…I hope a price breaker like this to be released very soon , so that others sell their products with people beneftn price :)…..Count me in for another Die hard fan waitin for Nexus 4

  • Vishal

    Want this phone to launched soon in india, i have been waiting a long time for this one. My existing phone is a bloody drag and can go kaput any day. Hope google or Lg will come up with a launch and the price would be appropriate for indian markets.

    PS: Launch the bloody phone its high time now!!

  • R

    i think it will launch on may 15 since its Google I/O , and they will be launching a NEW Nexus 4 to piss off INDIAN USERS!

  • Ankur

    Really hurt over such a strategy of LG. Waiting now for the device for nearly 4 months and still not confirmed news. I think it is a deliberate act from LG not hamper its Optimus sales…

  • Rama Raju Vegesna

    As per latest 4 will be officially launched on November 2013 in India it seems… nexus 7 arrived after tablet market saturated in India now its nexus 4 turn mean time. There will be a lots of other choice will come in terms of specification brands models etc. I requested my brother to bring in from US..i am expecting it in 15 days.

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