iOS 7 beta 3 now live on iPhone 5, 4S

Just a few moments ago iOS 7 beta 3 went live to download on both the iPhone 5 and iPhone 4S, although we are yet to find the full changes between iOS 7 beta 2 and beta 3. We will publish the changelog in the next couple of hours below this post.

Apple iPhone 5 vs. 4S for iOS 7 beta 3 – we know the previous betas didn’t include AirDrop on the iPhone 4S, although this feature is present on the iPhone 5 command screen and we haven’t heard any plans to include AirDrop on the iPhone 4S at the time of writing. Again, we will update this article in the coming hours with any crucial changes between iPhone 5 and 4S.

Our article earlier today explained that iOS 7 beta was still due today, which has since been proven correct now the update is live. We also touched on some of the problems with previous betas in that article that included crashing on both the iPhone 5 and 4S. Battery life seems to be pretty good for our in-house developer with no issues, but as we mentioned before they did experience both iPhones getting really hot in their tests.


The iOS 7 beta 3 download size is 214MB and the information page included the normal “contains bug fixes and improvements” message.

Also our readers should understand that iOS 7 beta 3 is designed for developers, so there will be problems thanks to this still being an early beta. We have seen a few people moaning about a buggy experience, but this should be expected to a certain extent, even if the crashing has annoyed our developer a little.

Full iOS 7 beta 3 changes on the way, so keep connected to Phones Review for further updates. Share a comment and let us know if you’ve installed the latest iOS 7 update on the iPhone 5, 4S or iPad and if the installation went well. This update also landed with Xcode 5 Developer Preview 3.

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  • Chris

    having an issue with the beta syncing my music everytime i connect to iTunes

    • danny

      i do too, i have no idea how to fix (4s beta 2

  • Chris

    just plugged in to sync with beta 3 iphone 5 and syncing all my music again

  • Drugge

    the only change i’ve found is that the font on the lockscreen is slightly thicker

    • Freddie John Millman

      I hate that to be honest, I liked the sleek font everywhere. This seems to have happened in multiple places not just the lock screen

      • Drugge

        yeah i don’t like it either

  • Drugge

    also for some reason i can unlock my sim card, anyone else? :/

    • Jarrett

      Can’t unlock mine either!!!

      • Drugge

        figured it out, at the lock screen don’t swipe the “locked sim-card” thing just unlock the phone normally

      • Jarrett

        Remove and reinsert SIM card. Worked there!!

  • mr13r4n

    when i try to update through Setting>General >Software update it says

    “unable to check for update….An error occur while checking for a software update”
    what should i need to do…please help!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • skliffy

      restart your iphone

  • Drugge

    agh im actually kinda pissed that they took out that cool effect when pressing the buttons in the calculator, now it just looks stupid

    • iiilovepandas

      what effect?

      • Drugge

        lol, can’t explain it but if you used the first beta you’d know what I mean

        • gelobeta3

          yeah i know that effect and i love it… i haven’t updated my 4s beta 2 to beta 3 yet. maybe ill update iit later.

  • dush89

    panorama wallpapers works smoothly now.. phone is getting hotter & hotter unlike British summer. unable to send multiple attachments on imessage

  • Skliffy

    does anyone know if it works on 4s with gevey ?

    • Drugge


      • skliffy

        gevey sim unlock

        • gelo2013beta3

          ios 7 wan’t jailbroken yet.. i think people using givey sim on their iphone needs it to be jailbroken first

  • jerecarrots

    I’ve noticed less app crashing and smoother animations and transitions. Also the “today, all, and missed” tabs on the top of notification center are filled in differently.
    Control center is smoother and the air play option is always available now. (On my 4s)

  • Jomar

    There’s an issues with the App Store I can’t download apps

  •  Arthur Dardalis 

    anyone experienced any crashes with iPhone 4?

    • Ellen

      Yeah my phone won’t turn on. It is completely dead. My battery didn’t run out; it just shut off randomly and will not turn back on.

      • Jaypee

        OMG same thing happened to me! what the hell is going on?!?

        • Freddie John Millman

          Interestingly I think it is a one off start issue… Just hold both home and lock buttons for some time until it reboots and it will have lift off.

      • Jaypee

        press and hold the power and reset button at the same time to reboot.

      • Cem Ozel

        mine is works fine! I try a lot of time turn off and on, and no problem…

    • Cem OZEL

      It works fine on 4 but as you know some features are disabled on 4. (dynamic wallpaper etc.) Beta 3 is better tun beta 2 as normally, works faster and stabilized. When you lock your phone or turn back from lock, screen comes on smoother thn beta2. I’m not using so many app on my phone but Facebook, twitter, youtube, instagram, whatsapp works fine for now. app. what I’ve used still not ready for iOS 7, and you can see that when you use keyboard on app. On beta 2 keyboard was really really slowly on beta 3 keyboard is better thn 2! Still little bit slow but using without trouble. May will be have problem when u use phone icon too, cuz when u touch phone icon your last call list and contacts etc will come really slow like freeze (its take 5-6 second.)… on Iphone 4, ios7 works just basic mode like without any effects and with this way u can use your phone fine. Cuz I read some comments of who use iphone 5 or 4s they have some bugs and its not in iphone4. I think some of effects will be trouble on beta…

  • Ellen

    It was working great until my phone crashed.

  • andrew

    is it stable on iphone 4s?

  • Alex Amador

    I have a developers account and can register devices for use with ios 7. Contact me if your interested 714-307-8644 CALL ME FOR ACTIVATION

  • Josh D

    Everyone with a iphone 4 do not worry! it keeps getting faster for me mines super quick honestly i know theres some features disabled but still i am one who doesnt have money to upgrade but with this update its still amazing so dont fear guys iphone 4 works!

    • Benjamin

      Cheers dude!

  • Jonathan Hemmila

    Yuck. I hate the look of this new OS. It looks like the display on my daughters toy phone (really). One of the things I love about Apples look is the detailed icons. You don’t have to update to this, do you?

    • GamingJockey

      Well , the updates are optional but if you plan to use the latest Apps or play the latest games then you would require updating (only when required) .

  • Narayana Dumpala

    It was working great until my IPhone 4s crashed and IOS 7 beta 3 version is looking good.

  • Isaiah

    I LOVE iOS 7! However, when I installed beta 3, the glitches became a huge problem. Beta 2 had it’s glitches, but a whole new problem got taken on when I installed beta 3. For some strange reason my phone shuts off completely, and out of nowhere! As much as I try to turn it on (i’ve tried all basic tips and trick) nothing! The ONLY way my phone gets re-activated is through a program called RedSn0w. As you could imagine, it is a huge inconvenience! It happened to me TWICE today! Anybody have the same problem? Anybody have any ideas how to stop this annoyance from happening again? It in a sense changed the way i look at iOS 7, sadly and makes me wanna downgrade back to iOS 6. :(

    • Luke

      I am having the same problem with my phone. Today is the second time it has randomly shut off and won’t turn back on. Phone calls aren’t’ coming through and some apps are still force closing when I am in them. I’m trying to wait until Monday for Beta 4 to be released, but I too am considering downgrading to iOS 6 if these problems aren’t fixed soon.

  • chris

    how can I get ios7

  • Bianka

    I have a iPhone 4 & 4s how can I update ios7 on my Iphone I don’t have a laptop? Or do I just wait intel apple just sends the update to my Iphone? Can’t wait that long!

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