Micromax Canvas 4 refunds after cancellations


With any new smartphone launch there will always be someone disappointed in the device that finally takes centre stage at any press event, as it would be impossible to please everyone. Earlier today though disappointment reached a new level for the Micromax Canvas 4 with numerous customers seeking refunds after cancelling pre-bookings for the device.

After weeks of teases from the company that built most people’s expectations up about the handset, the Micromax Canvas 4 was finally unveiled earlier today. At the amateurish press event that was streamed live the company revealed that 12,000 people had pre-booked the handset without even knowing what its specs or price was.

A huge number of these will be seeking a refund if various comments we have received by those that had already placed an order for the device or on forums is anything to go by. Some comments are not suitable for this article but many pointed to the lacklustre specs for the Micromax Canvas 4, with many looking to seek a refund.

Luckily the company did make it clear when pre-bookings commenced that those customers unhappy with the handset or its price could seek a full refund, but some of our readers have cancelled their order without receiving any notification of a refund.

Others were very disappointed and expected a lot more that what actually offered, and one customer said that the “specs suck and they cheated me so I’m going to cancel my booking”. There were many that wanted the Canvas 4 to feature a Full HD display that is now the norm with flagship Android smartphones, and others felt that 1GB of RAM wasn’t sufficient.

Looking in the official Facebook page doesn’t paint a pretty picture either with many negative comments emerging as the press event was taking place, and centred on the handsets specs and the poor keynote speech that unveiled the device.

The handset already has a lot of competition and while the Canvas 4 will be available by the coming weekend we reported earlier that the iBerry Auxus Nuclea N1 has some better specs, and at a lower price to begin with.

Have you pre-booked the Micromax Canvas 4 and decided to request a refund following the announcement of the handset?

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17 thoughts on “Micromax Canvas 4 refunds after cancellations”

    1. shaun says:

      Hi, i too have cancelled my preorder, but when i pressed cancel
      on the ” my order ” page, the order is not showing there anymore, is my
      order canceled?, i have not got a confirmation on the cancellation,
      please let me know

        1. Ram says:

          I am not able to login with my credentials to cancel. Can you show the sample log in ID.. I can recall it in case i be forgotten. I am yet to request for a refund as i am not able to log in at all. Repeated mails to CC and no response. And cant reach them thru phone also as always line is engaged. 🙁

    2. Tajeet Kaur says:

      Even I have cancelled my order, No cancellation email received. Even now in MMX order page all details are missing now. What time frame will get my refunds.

      1. Chiranjit says:

        I have cancelled it on 8th July but till date on refund. MMX is cheating with people. Dont go with specs..same specs is available with Xolo q800 worth 10k which runs more smother…

  1. Jayant Patil says:

    MMX – not up to their mark! What we expected, and look at what they offered?

    We expected full HD, 2GB ram, if not 2GHz – at least 1.5 GHz processor, 4000mA battery …..

    At 18K they are offering the advanced features of pin the screen, half screens, blow to unlock, … how often (only) these features would be used by paying the hefty price of 18K???

    Without a blink or second thought, I cancelled my booking and asked for a refund!

    Thanks MMX, for keeping an option of cancellation. MMX kept this cancellation facility, probably because they themselves knew that the rumors were not going to be true, we were the fools expecting the unexpected from you.

    Really there was no need for MMX to make this BIG hype about a new model which was slightly modified with some “specs”, not improved with “FEATURES”.

    As per a famous saying, henceforth, I will even check the temperature of buttermilk before consuming it as I got my tongue burnt due to milk!!!!

  2. vipin says:

    70 to 80% mmx fans are really disappointed and ask for refund as they booked canvas 4 hoping 3 striking features 1080P screen, 1.5 – 2GB RAM and 2800-3000 MAH Battery….but all there r missing so no use to buy bit software modificated CANVAS HD2….Now I m ready to buy XOLO Play the one coming with Nvidia Tegra 1.5-7 GH Quad Core processor under 16K ….:) but love mmx n hope CANVAS 5 will be a milestone for mmx….best of luck

  3. Daniel says:

    Hey I don’t know about others but I kinda like this phone .I saw some benchmark test and I kinda liked it it scored decent17890 and 51 fps .and itits better than a s3 and HD or grand which r pretty much at the sme price but low specs , I mean mmx didn’t say anything but the people wanted more of this device ,at lesser price which is impossible for mmx resulting a decrease in the market share value , plus people are stupid enough to think tthat they will get a s4 at less then 20k , i mean what is this , they couldn’t expect more of this price and getting features like note 2 and tablet devices so people must think that to , in time mmx will surely note ur comments and prepare a better phone but I feel proud to book it

  4. shaun says:

    Hi, i have cancelled my preorder, but when i pressed cancel
    on the ” my order ” page, the order is not showing there anymore, is my
    order canceled?, i have not got a confirmation on the cancellation,
    please let me know, the customer care is only landing on a hold tone. 1st and last time with micromax

  5. yogendra says:

    I applied for refund on same day (July 8) and till now have not received it even after repeated calls and emails. Looks like they were not prepared to handle such amount of refund cases or are out of cash.

  6. PADMANABHAN says:

    micromax canvas 4 cancellation time taking process and repeated reply of refund within 3/4 days,taking more than 20 days time shows co.irresponsible nature.

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