iPhone 6 desire while buried in 5S rumors


The iPhone 6 desire for design has been buried under all the iPhone 5S rumors at the moment, news of the next Apple smartphone expected to be announced in September with an October release seems to overwhelm us whilst forgetting about the iPhone 6.

The iPhone 5S will no doubt be a refresh of the iPhone 5 with no radical design change, and this is why we should concentrate on the iPhone 6 because this is the one that will blow Apple fans away.

The 3G and 3GS never saw a design change and the 4S looked the same as the 4, and it looks like this pattern will continue with the 5S with the same design as the iPhone 5, something rather drastic is needed for the iPhone 6.

If Apple follows the same pattern on previous iPhone release then the iPhone 5S will be the same as the 5 with a few changes under the hood as well as many new software features, there could be the possibility of a camera bump amongst other changes. As for the design this will stand the same as the 5, unless Apple have something up its sleeve to throw us all off our self-believed track.

Rumors are coming in thick and fast at the moment with a couple of models releasing, such as an iPhone 5 and a budget plastic smartphone. The odds of this happening this year are slim but we cannot be certain until Apple make announcements in September.

iphone 5S

It would be nice to believe Apple will release the iPhone 5S as the cheaper plastic variant and the high-end model could be the iPhone 6, if this happened then we can say for certain sales will go through the roof. We say this because not everyone can afford a new iPhone and this is why iPhone 4S sales are still doing well, so to release two iPhone’s this year to cater all needs would be the best option.

What will Apple do to make the iPhone 6 so radical it makes consumers sit up and take notice?

When it comes to larger iPhone screens this opens up a whole new can of worms, some love the idea and many do not. What would be the perfect screen size? Maybe Apple should release a few options such as a 4-inch budget iPhone, and a 4.5-inch version; surely anything bigger than this would be pointless seeing as the iPad mini comes with a 7.9-inch display.

The iPhone 6 should be all about the design change
We all know for sure the iPhone 6 will come with super features under the hood and larger camera sensor; most of this is common knowledge. What is NOT common knowledge is whether Apple will change the design completely as not to look like the iPhone 5. We are not going to sit here and bang out hundreds of different design ideas, because we want our loyal readers to let us know what they want.

What can Apple do to make the iPhone 6 design so radical it makes you fall of your seat?


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    Apple Johnson says:

    Here’s the problem with the current “5s vs 6 later in 2014” idea. Apple is losing market share to Samsung very quickly. If they wait a whole year to release a true upgrade to the 5, they will sink even deeper. I think we’ll see something major in the fall. Apple has always been about being innovative, but just as with the new ios 7, I think we are going to start to see an adaptive apple.

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    ravi1234 says:

    apple dont really need to get the cheaper phones 1. 4s is the best phone ever apple built. for small seeking people is still best. 5 is not big upgrade to 4s infact it does look like 4s. also specs are almost same. so they can reduce price of these two where apple already acheieved its profit on them its good idea. 5S if outside dimension doesnt changes internal features gimmiks. and compaing the 5s expected performance, most people will not choose to upgrade to 5s . if they can get i phone 6 with 4.5″ screen and other features better camera. and redesigned body will attract the people who choosing android due to screen size and specs. as rumors are lg is bringing processor 2.3 ghz 5.2″ screen and 13 mp camera with small bezel will attract most. also if they dont bring now i phone 6 they will probably bring next sept.14 which will be too late as by that sMsung sony htc would have bring their next best ones. this is the right time . as most upgraded 4s two years ago are due now for the new so this is the ideal time otherwise market will be more saturated next year than now.

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