iOS 7 beta 4 likely release time for Mon 29

Today, we are a number of steps closer to the iOS 7 beta 4 release time thanks to many developer services coming back online over the past 24 hours. These include the iOS, Mac and Safari Dev Centers. With Apple making great progress with bringing services back up, there is a strong chance that iOS 7 beta 4 could see a release date of this Monday.

Our earlier clarification revealed that iOS 7 beta 4 would be live for download after software downloads were restored along with Identifiers, Certificates and other services. The latest system status update for Apple developers has revealed all of this has now happened, as you can see in the screenshot below.


Apple officially stated the “betas of iOS 7” would be live after this process takes place, and this means anytime from now but knowing Apple well we’d expect a more traditional rollout. With this in-mind, we would expect the iOS 7 beta 4 release time to be 10AM PDT Monday July 29. This is the favored launch time for Apple over the past month.


You can see the latest Apple developer update message above that follows the normal call for patience, but also explains quickly what services are online. It doesn’t particularly explain when iOS 7 beta 4 will go live, although after following their release pattern since the first beta and with everything in place it should roll out this Monday OTA and via the developer portal.

There is a chance you could see the iOS 7 beta 4 release before this time, but we highly doubt this will happen.

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  • Rohit Gupta

    Awesome :)

  • AndreDesignz Young

    Can’t wait

  • Decio Arruda

    I’ve checked updates about 3 times a day for the whole week and frustration was the only thing I got out of it. Whoever hacked Apple, I HATE YOU!!!!! Hack Microsoft, no one cares about them!

    • sandydrink

      No one fricken hacked apple its a company not a server!
      Idiot -_-

  • Sarah

    Is it really being released on 29th of July in the uk???

  • MIke Mike
    • Fareed

      no need to pay money for activation… dont waste money on this fellas…..

    • sandydrink

      Guys you dont need to waste money on your UDID’s you can do it for free its so easy.

  • aaron

    will the beta work on iphone 4s?

    • bud

      Yeah it will

      • matt

        yes but dont do it!!! wait for beta 4 trust me, iphone 4s ios 7 beta 3 is full of really bad bugs including but not limited to battery life decrease, not getting data connection and unable to receive incoming calls

  • matty

    dos anyway one know how to get beta 1 for the ipad

    • Saahilj

      Not possible anyway beta 1 is expired and didn’t come for iPad

      • matty

        oh ok thought there was a beta for ipad

        • Bud

          There is a beta for the iPad but it is the beta 3

  • Zack

    No one “Hacked” Apple. Google it and it was just a security researcher….

  • ILoveLamp

    I don’t get you guys, trying to predict when Apple will drop the next beta. That’s about as accurate as trying to predict the Super Bowl winner… for 2015. (Hint: It’s the Broncos).

    Apple does things on their own time, and you’ll get it when they’re ready for you to have it. If you understood development cycles, you’d understand that they have internal milestones for each beta, and sometimes those slip.

    And besides, if they wanted to release it last week, they could have – the parts of the development center related to releasing the beta have been back up and running since then.


    • Sexisnotforkids

      History repeats itself, if you see the past iOS beta 6,5,4, and OS 3,2,1 new betas were release every 2 weeks.

    • Anthony Tracy


  • sexisnotforkids

    Does anybody have the same issue as me? My phone keeps dying at 50% and I charge it and its back at 50%. I don’t know if its a bug or my battery is messed up?

    • Danny

      I had a same problem in iPhone 5.

      One of reason is a problem of battery.

      But most difficult to change refub phone.

      because u can’t prove this problem when phone was in DFU mode.

      • Ryk

        Same problem on an iPhone 4, changed the battery thinking it was the reason but happened again with the new one….

    • Delaneyschuh

      That happened to me all the time. I just went to the apple store and they took the battery out of it and put a new one in.

  • Delaneyschuh

    Im lost how do I get the update and from where

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