BBM for Android and iOS release closes in after public viewing

Since the company first announced it was coming there have been a lot of mobile users looking forward to the wider availability of the BlackBerry Messenger service, and now it seems that the BBM for Android and iOS release is closing in following a public viewing of the app in action.

It is expected that the BBM application for the Android and iOS platforms will be available this month, and the app has made an appearance at the Toronto International Film Festival running on a Samsung Galaxy S4 and an iPhone.

Some lucky users were able to test the app with reports suggesting the BBM app runs smoothly on both the Android and iOS platforms, and both versions reportedly looked pretty similar while also closely resembling the BlackBerry 10 version of the app.

It was also confirmed it will not be PIN based and instead require a BBID, and while there was no official announcement of its availability there is talk that it could be released at anytime that ties in with previous comments from BlackBerry executives.

Many have wondered how much the appeal for the BBM service will be considering the messaging services that are already available on the two platforms, but many of our readers have stated that they are really looking forward to the apps release.

Are you looking forward to the release of BBM on Android and iOS?

Source: BlackBerryOS.

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BBM for Android and iOS release closes in after public viewing
  • Olly Be

    the more they delay the less interested I get its like they waiting until the last official day of summer which is on the 21 September to release it

    • leery

      I love you x

    • justin L

      it was submitted two weeks ago, its in apples hands now

      • extermin8or2

        Doesn’t explain the android release…..

      • abbie

        it only takes 4days to go through apple checks not two weeks…

        • Shahenshah

          Apple people are dicks, ergo.

  • Toby Gee Gee

    NO more, don’t release it stupid, annoying people.. so its’ not PIN but BBID. you can suck my ass.. keep your bullshit to yourself old faggotties

    • tpradebe

      i also think it’s useless without the IDs

  • Ashu

    as soon as they release it, I am migrating off bb to android, the only thing holding me back before was bbm, now its gonna be available on android, i dont see any reason to stay with bb anymore

    • Peter

      Good for you, now the NSA will know exactly when you are going to the bathroom.

      • andydleon

        NSA knows when BB users are going to the bathroom since 2010, read the news man…

      • Kingsley

        the NSA have known what you have been doing since your parents signed your birth certificate, take off the tin foil hat.

        • Peter

          And you work for the NSA?

          • tpradebe

            you don’t sound smart

          • Peter

            Dude, I am joking. You are the dumb*ss that is actually taking me seriously.

          • tpradebe

            even your reply doesn’t do you any justice

          • Peter

            You sound confused, maybe it’s time to go back to preschool to finish your education. I was being facetious in my comment, and you still don’t get it. Sorry, buddy.

          • tpradebe

            desperate now, preschool, really? i’m sorry for hurting your feelings

          • Peter

            lol funny boy. I assure you, no hurt feelings, but I do take pleasure in seeing an angry guy react to something that is obviously a joke.

          • tpradebe

            then why embarrass yourself then?

          • Peter

            How am I embarrassed? Mmmm…. weird. You are the one that has embarrassed yourself. I can see by your Disqus comments that you like to go around the internet calling everybody stupid. Have a good evening.

          • tpradebe

            i call a spade a spade, an idiot an idiot. How creepy are you checking me out on the web?

          • SpayingYoMomma

            I will have your mother “spayed” if you dont shut up tpradebe

          • tpradebe

            delusional, this man has a problem. i’ll just ignore because from a distance people can’t tell who is who

          • extermin8or2

            It’s unfortunate but a large portion of people in comment sections on websites are… idiots.

          • fisher

            hahahahah!! so true, only morons could argue way past the topic like that!

          • lol

            Peter, just shut up and lock yourself in a room or something, idiot.

  • Mike Hunt

    Hot hot dogs

  • KillaVilla212NYC

    Too much waiting, just drop it like its hot.

  • disqus_wmWhAK4cN4

    I already switch to android Samsung galaxy S4, what a stupid move blackberry.

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