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There has been a lot of conjecture lately about whether Google will continue the Nexus brand in the future, but yesterday a Nexus 6 smartphone for later in the year appeared to be confirmed by Google’s Sundar Pichai. It could also be made by LG again, and a Nexus 6 by LG has been imagined with specs in this concept vision for the phone.

There’s no reason why LG wouldn’t make the next Nexus phone, given the popularity of the LG-made Nexus 5, and sometimes it can be interesting to take a look at concept ideas of devices to tease us with what could be offered. The source of this latest Nexus 6 concept that we are showing you today has also come up with what are felt to be conceivable specs for the device.

The LG Nexus 6 render shown here would be equipped with a next-generation Snapdragon processor, 5.2-inch IPS display with resolution of 2560 x 1440 and 550 ppi, 3GB of RAM and a 13-megapixel or greater rear camera with optical image stabilization and 4K video capture. Further specs include a 3000 mAh battery and it would be running the Android 5.0 operating system.

Design-wise you’re looking at a handset of between 7 and 8mm thick made from aluminum with polycarbonate filing. The appearance shows straight sides with rounded upper and bottom edges, pretty much like the lines of the Nexus 5. Of course the Nexus 6 is a long way off yet so anything speculated here is mere guesswork so far.

You might want to look at a couple of previous concept Nexus 6 phones that we’ve shared here and here. It would be good to hear your thoughts on this latest Nexus 6 design. Would you like to see a design like this for the real deal, and do you think the specs are realistic or not?

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28 thoughts on “LG Nexus 6 vision of design and specs”

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    gal says:

    The phone looks great!!!!!! I really want this phone right now, I can’t wait!!!!
    The specs are great, and this phone will be amazing!!! Although i would like to see a biger RAM, 4 or even 6.

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    dc says:

    I ‘d like to see an Intel powered Nexus 6 with 4gb Ddr3 RAM running a first version of Android – Chrome 64bit mix. That would be the successor of my Nexus without second thoughts.

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    TheDarkKnight says:

    Sorry but this spec sheet is too much for a nexus device. Google tends to bring last year’s specs half the price. Though the Nexus 5 was more like 6 month old specs which is why it sold fairly well.

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      Danonymous says:

      Um…. I’m sorry but your statement Is baseless. 6 month old specs would have been on par with the galaxy s4 and HTC one. Snapdragon 600, etc. Instead the nexus 5 used the same snapdragon 800, 1920×1080 5+ inch display, 2+ gigs of ram, and other basic hardware as the lg g2 and the note 3 which launched around the same time. It has one of the first OIS cameras on the market which helps with video and low light.

      Yes, the galaxy s2 outperformed the gnex in processing but even then the screen size and resolution of the gnex were more updated. The nexus 4 was higher spec’d hardware wise than the s3… The nexus 5 is easily in a league with the other big releases from fall13 and easily out specs the spring 13 offerings. I am not attacking you personally and I understand your point (2+ years ago there was some validity to the outdated nexus specification sentiment) however I felt your statement especially regarding the nexus 5 was misinformation.

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        Private Name says:

        The nexus 5 has great specs but it’s not in a league of its own. The Note 3 has better specs.

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        masterpfa says:

        The Nexus device is always loosely based on an existing manufacturers existing device, HTC One was the HTC Desire, Nexus S was the Galaxy S, Galaxy Nexus was The Galaxy S2, Nexus 4 the Optimus G and Nexus 5 the LG G2. So the features of the Next. NEXUS will become more apparent when for examole the LG G3 is released if Google are to partner with LG again

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          Danonymous says:

          Screen isn’t a better spec. Both are 1920×1080. One is 5.0″ and the other 5.7″, one is AMOLED and the other IPS LCD, these differences will make one device better for some and the other better for others. The GPU in each is the Adreno 330 and they both have the snapdragon 800. Same GPU so no advantage. The 3 GB is superior yes.. However Samsung has touchwiz to deal with. There was speculation that 1 GB versions of the s3 wouldn’t get Kit Kat because the newer touchwiz implementations need plenty of ram even though the bare bones kit Kat only needs 512MB.

          Basically the note 3, g2, z1, and nexus 5 all have the same base computer except the note gets more RAM. The features vary widely and yes the nexus doesn’t have the megapixel count or overall polish/feature packed/ready to use out of the box implementation and that’s why it’s so much cheaper. The g2 also dropped in price significantly as well despite great reviews. Samsung has the reputation to justify price to customers right now. Also the s pen is sweet and definitely adds $50-$60 expense. Specs wide thoughthough this secured was extremely competitive and didn’t compromise. Not sure why some people don’t think it was that way. And yes the nexus has typically borrowed major ques from the manufactures current flagship, in this case the g2 which is why the spec sheets are so close. This article is intriguing but a little bit more hype the reasonable guesses at this point. The spring phones are not available yet from HTC and samsung, let alone the fall 2014 ones. We don’t really know for instance that 1440 will be mainstream or will 1080 stick around

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    Van says:

    Why does everyone somehow forget that the numbering of Nexus devices is directly related to the size. It’s extremely unlikely they’ll call a 5 inch device the ‘Nexus 6’. Furthermore, the spec sheet on this concept is so far out there I’m willing to bet it likely won’t be anywhere near the final product.

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      stevo says:

      The number has nothing to do with size on phones. It will be the sixth nexus phone. If that were the case, what’s the deal with the nexus s or galaxy nexus? And is the nexus one a 1″ phone? Ridiculous

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        Neaaz says:

        By that logic I’m assuming the Nexus 7 that came out in 2012 was the seventh release of the tablet? And then the 2013 version (also called Nexus 7) is again the seventh release? The naming convention has changed and this is how their going about, by SCREEN SIZE. You can forget those early names because they hadn’t adopted this naming convention at that point. Also Google only had one product in the Nexus line (just the phone) at that point so the naming scheme was different

        1. Reply
          Van says:

          You’re exactly right. It’s the same naming convention passing on to the release of the coming Nexus 8 and used in the current Nexus 10.

    2. Reply
      Dan Sheridan-Wallis says:

      Phones and tablets are on different naming schemes. The 4 and 5 were the 4th and 5th devices. The 7 is a 7 inch tablet in both incarnations

      1. Reply
        Mark Curtis says:

        Really? So 2 years from now we’ll have two Nexus 7s. One, the 7th phone, and two the latest generation 7″ tablet. You don’t think that’ll be confusing at all?
        Why would Google redo a naming scheme to be consistent with future products in the line yet inconsistent with each other?

          1. Mark Curtis says:

            If that’s the case, my point still stands. It’ll just be 3 years instead of 2.

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    danjuma mohammed says:

    I used to have the impression of changing my phone every two years…. but from the ways things are going… Flagship phones only last BTW 6-9 months now…can my budget withstand this frugality?only time shall tell

    1. Reply
      Jacob Bieszke says:

      Switch to T-Mobile pretty easy on the budget and allows early switching in the same time frame of flagship devices release dates

    2. Reply
      Martin says:

      Flagship phones are released every 6-9 months in order to get new customers, but they’re not really that superior to the previous generations. For example, the S4 and S5 both have quad core processors and 2 GB of ram. The only major difference seems to be the MHz (S4 is clocked at 1.9 while S5 at 2.3) and latest snapdragon chip which only increases its performance and speed by about 15% is it really worth upgrading for 15%? I have a Nexus 4 which is nearly two years old and its still up there performance wise in comparison to many smart phones out there. I really would continue waiting every two years for a new phone

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    B3n017 says:

    Am I the only person that doesn’t want to have ever larger devices as phones? it is really easy to have impressive battery life and have more “stuff” in a physically bigger box… I want an awesome phone that doesn’t make it seem like I am carrying a piece of plywood around in my pocket. I was an ardent nexus fan, but stopped using my nexus 5 in favour of my moto X. It is the perfect form factor, improve it!

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    Corey Dunmore says:

    I love the design of the N4. Keep it in size… pocket size that it. Some of us wear skinny jeans

  8. Reply
    zach says:

    I desperately want another smaller nexus device like the galaxy. Especially with the arrival of wearables, keeping something smaller in my pocket appeals to me. I have a tablet for anything bigger.

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    T8 says:

    You’d figured it would be a 6 inch phone but it’s a 5.2 inch. Phones are getting to dame big. I say keep it at around 5 inch. I’m planning on getting the Nexus 5 and already 6 is coming out. Man.

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    Dr Gashi says:

    Anything is fine as long as is not Samsung , I used to always buy Samsung products but they let me down with the galaxy tab 3.0 they sucked with warranty

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    Dylan White says:

    I’m going to go with what that one dude said about the naming being about generations the nexus 4 is the 4th nexus device and the nexus 5 the 5th can’t see it named after screen size the nexus 4 screen is 4.7in and the nexus 5 is 4.9 so im seeing the nexus 6 around the same size as the first note which is a 5.25in screen and there not doing away with the nexus 7 they already said they weren’t because of popularity and demand

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    hitesh jaina says:

    Google is always known for its better specs and design and also very cheaper in price and this time it is rumor that it might come in curved body ??????????

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