Nokia Lumia 1820 design finalized

Microsoft has now completed the deal to take control of Finnish smartphone manufacturer Nokia, which will cause some disappointment among fans of the company. Today though we have a Nokia Lumia 1820 design that has been finalized.

Earlier this month we had the Nokia Lumia 1820 concept phone teased by the designer Karl Jayson, and now he has completed the design that you can see on this page. The device has a 5.2-inch 2K resolution display with the Qualcomm Snapdragon 805 2.3GHz processor under the hood with 3GB of RAM.

The handset only measures 9.6mm thick even with the rear mounted 30MP camera with Carl Zeiss technology with Xenon and LED flashes, and internal storage comes in at 32GB with expansion possible up to 128GB.

Powering the device up is a 3,200 mAh battery unit while the handset is running the Windows 8.1 GDR1 Lumia Denim update.

Would you like the Nokia Lumia 1820 to look like this?

Source: Concept Phones.

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lumia 1820
  • mclarenfan1968

    Lumia 1820 doesn’t exit, fake news. Stop spreading BS. And stop pimping lame concepts.

    • McChicken

      why you saying boshit?

      • mclarenfan1968

        My other comment is in moderation because of the link, but you can read that article. They know much more than any other source as they are well connected on all matters WP.

        • McChicken

          bet you $5 it ends up being real

          • mclarenfan1968

            Betting any money is pointless over the internet. If it is true, good! I’ll be the first customer if it has much longer battery life than 1020 and matches or beats the camera on the 1020.

            But I see clear reason why it’s a fake story. Nothing more than someone’s wishlist.

          • esail

            so it’s the whole internet’s wish list? this phone was leaked way back in the summer of 2013, man some long wish.

          • mclarenfan1968

            It came from a single source but your IQ isn’t high enough to understand the rest were merely spreading it. There is no such phone. WPcentral has good connections and they know more than some nobody like you 😉

          • Liam

            froget if it is real or not what i dont understand is why they dont put a full out operating system on a phone this technologically capable.

          • mclarenfan1968

            A question many have asked but it’s too late now. MS has that whole division now.

    • esail

      so they said the same thing about the Icon, and it’s here. Your jealous because your Samsung or IPhone are not as good:) lol.

      • mclarenfan1968

        You are a Nokia troll. I own Samsung, Sony and Nokia Products LOL. Next troll please.

  • Snoops27

    @phones review. Don’t you think it’s time you blocked people who make unnecessarily disparaging comments, ruining the opportunity for any reasoned discussion. I’m sure your site would attract a different level of commenter and foster a happier atmosphere should you take a firmer line on moderation.

  • mark

    Its real… Case maker Noreve has a placeholder page for a leather case for the Lumia 1820.

  • ZioGrimmy

    It would be nice a double speaker but also like that is fantastic!

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