Candy Crush Saga problems since app update

A certain app has been phenomenally successful with its popularity sweeping across the world since its release. However, it seems that not everything is currently sweet in the Candy Crush world. We’ve noticed some issues with the game recently and it appears we’re not the only ones who have noticed Candy Crush Saga problems since the app was recently updated.

The Candy Crush iPhone and Android apps have both received an update to to version 1.36.2 in the last few days and straight afterwards we started having difficulties with the iOS version of the app. One of the issues involves Facebook login, constantly being asked to log in again or not being able to log in at all. Another problem we’ve had is the app simply crashing on opening.

A look at the Google Play and App Store Candy Crush app descriptions shows various comments from users who are having similar issues. For instance one user says, “The new update sucks, The new update doesn’t let me spin the wheel or ask for lives it says that I need to connect to Facebook and it sends me to my facebook app to try to log in and while trying to log in to facebook my phone slows downs and freezes it..stop updating candy crush.”

Candy Crush Saga problems b

Another user says, “Play this game every day but now it wont connect to my facebook and I cant get the help from friends I have received. Would have gotten better rating if it actually would connect to FB….”. Comments like this are plentiful, with another Candy Crush player saying, “Serious?! I don’t play through fb but keep getting error msg saying I’m not logged in.”

There are plenty more comments along similar lines, with app users feeling a real sense of frustration about these issues and suggestions that a quick fix is now a deal breaker. Others aren’t prepared to wait though and are so vexed about the problems that they say they’re done with the game for good.

It would be interesting to find out if these are isolated issues or more widespread so we’d like to hear your thoughts on this. Are you a fan of Candy Crush Saga for Android or iOS? Have you noticed any problems since the latest update? Let us know by sending your comments.

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Candy Crush Saga problems since update
  • Ben Nzau

    Having the same problem. Since the update dated 26th August, the app asks me to connect to facebook when i enter my login credentials it crashes and gives an error message ‘sorry you don not have access to the kingdom’. Tried several times but its impossible to login. Tried to uninstall and reinstall still same problem. That sucks because the app wants me to start from level 1 and my synchronised facebook progress is at level 508. Saw on the candy crush twitter page that theyre working on a solution. in the interim im off candy crush until this is resolved!!!!!

  • Sese

    Same problem, asks for fb login and I never have logged in via fb. could be intentional bug?

  • Anonymous

    The problem I am having is it is saying I have to update adobe flash player. Even though I did, it still says I cannot play unless adobe flash is updated. Very irritating! Still cannot play. Adobe flash player is installed. Game will not come up. no matter what you do.

  • Angie Taylor

    Keeps logging out of Facebook and it’s doing my head in !!!!

  • Dlb7404

    Same problems as everyone else. What a rip off.

  • ccecez

    I have had trouble since the update. Just glad to know I’m not alone. Ugh! I am so

  • Pickles

    Yes I am having the same problem as every one else. So is my husband. Our girls do not have the issue though. Please fix this quickly

  • Jody

    My ipad will not sync with my Iphone, so I am on a higher level on my phone than my ipad. Have tried un-installing both facebook and candy crush and then re-installing, but this does not work.

  • Sharon

    I also have the same problems, thinking of sacking Candy Crush now, life’s too short !!!

  • kathy

    since the update nothing but problems .

  • Ashly

    I am having the same problem ever since the new update. Never had this problem before. Wont log into fb.

  • Nancy

    I don’t play through Facebook, but I am also unable to spin the wheel and am being told I have to log in to Facebook.

  • Hbaez

    Having the same issue as everyone else right after the update.

  • Laker fan

    Same problem. Error message “connection failed your session has expired pls log in again. Do not have a fb so never logged in with one. Husband doesn’t have a problem. Wonder if its a iPad gen or crush lvl prob?

  • crushed

    Same problem on my Samsung tablet and I don’t have a fb account. Also, last update took away my stock of gold bars! Very cross, they need to fix it quick.

  • Candy crush crazy lady

    Yes same is happening to me no connection to Facebook no fun….
    Back to watching crap TV soon …… Please sort it out soon …. After all you are Bigger game now than LEGO !!!!

  • Jenclare191

    Yes I am having problems going to the next level it just said contact to App Store failed. What can I do? My internet is working ok.

  • tri67

    Yes, same happening to me. I am on android. When I spin booster it says Facebook connection expired. I don’t play through Facebook.

  • Tony7

    Have same problem can’t get to spin the wheel ,keeps telling me my time has ran out on Facebook .Not even on Facebook

  • Debi

    Same problems since last update. Notified CCS contacts; got canned FAQ response that was useless. Have deleted and reinstalled FB and CCS on iPhone without success. Very frustrated, may quit the game for good. On level #591.

    • Dan

      The same here. My wife got me to play the game and now all these problems I am about to stop playing. It’s not worth the aggregation. I can’t spin the wheel and I don’t have access to the extra lives that I have and I can’t ask for or send any one lives.

  • Trini19

    Yes I am having the same problem. I am on IOS. Getting the response that my Facebook login has expired when I try to spin the wheel I don’t play through Facebook. This is frustrating.

  • Buck

    Can only connect fb account via WiFi connection.

    • Rene

      Same here! Need WiFi to sign in on iPhone.

  • Brenda

    Says I’m not connected to FB even when I access the game through FB. RIDICULOUS!

  • Mb

    No connections either and I have not had this problem before on my iPad

  • Shazi

    I’ve had trouble with candy crush on android since the last update. Every time I spin the wheel it says I’m not logged in to facebook, but I have never played through Facebook as I’m not on it!!!! I’m thinking of uninstalling candy crush because of this as I can’t play it and also it seems to be draining my battery.

  • Cassie

    The candy crush app on my ipad still says ‘waiting’, is greyed out and dead. I can now only play the game via Facebook and not off line. Really annoying.

  • Sue

    I don’t play through FB and I can’t even open the game, just goes to King loading and then blacks out

  • Daisy

    Since I update Candy crush,having problem connect to my facebook, its showing that I cant access to the kingdom also I cant get any help from my Facebook friends even to spin the wheel. Please fix ur game!

  • kfoxx601

    I play candy crush everyday or did it will not load try to connect thru face book but won’t let me

  • Michelle

    I have reached level 650 and I know there are more levels but it won’t load them.
    My PC does but phone and iPad don’t.
    I uninstalled and installed the game on my phone, lost my extra lives (not impressed) and still no levels.
    I know it was updated too last week.
    Please fix this as I love this game and would like to keep playing.

    • Cyndi

      In the same boat – aggravating.

      • Marti

        Me too…ugh

    • Linda

      Same issue here with me. Advanced to level 651 on PC but iPad does not load past level 650. Pls fix this ASAP. Thanks.

  • Aeverhar

    Same issues with the wheel and won’t connect to the store

  • ghosted1967

    same problem with my android phone. It keeps saying I am NOT logged into Facebook but I do not play through Facebook. Extremely frustrating as I cannot spend the wheel today.

  • wendyliz21

    I have the same issue as many others. I’m NOT on FB and will NEVER be….and am grateful to those who shared what happened them when they DID reluctantly log onto FB…ONLY to find themselves reset back to Level 1!

    A cannot access the Booster Wheel…have that same message that my Facebook session “expired.”

    This is clearly just a standard default message sent by King, with no regard — or even, it seems — awareness of the MILLIONS of its customers and “fans” who play offline.

    I’m a bit bummed about it….and am glad to know I’m not alone.

    It’s just a game, I know….but the joy has been sucked out of it by greed.

  • Not amused!

    I wasn’t able to spin my wheel until I logged into Facebook. This became frustrating so I logged into my Facebook and this made candy crush promptly return to the beginning. So after getting to level 375 (and anybody that has reached this level or above knows this wasn’t an easy feat) I am right back where I started. Needless to say I am really annoyed and will not be starting again.

  • Bones

    Ipad. “Failed to connect store” abyss.

  • Katie

    My android won’t sync the app with Facebook. I’m on 655 and 381 and my phone has reset to zero. Hope it’s fixed soon.

  • Gabrielle Irons

    I have been trying to sign in and I’m denied access to the kingdom for the past 14 days. It’s really getting on my last nerve. What’s the problem and when will it be fixed? I have a galaxy S5 and when I was able to connect, I was on level 359, I’m not starting at 0, I’ll quit all together.

  • Beth Krebs Dutenhaver

    I’m trying to connect on an Iphone 5 and I get the failed to connect error too

  • Nikanika

    I’m unable to spin the wheel!!!! Tells me to log in to Facebook! I DONT HAVE FACEBOOK NEVER DID. Really frustrated with candy crush…….

  • Diane G

    I can’t connect to Facebook. Says access denied. I am on my iPad and had updated my iPhone earlier today and now have issues! 😟

  • Julie

    Same. Can’t spin the wheel unless I login to Facebook – which I don’t have – and constantly unable to connect to store. I’m on an iPad.

  • Disappointed player

    I don’t seem the need to connect through Facebook and hence can’t connect to the store. On level 620. Close to deleting the game altogether. It’s such a shame candy crush developers have become so greedy!

  • Diane G

    Ok just realized that since the update I can’t connect through wifi to Facebook on candy crush but can connect if I turn wifi off and use cellular Data on my iPad “…….this is weird. I mentioned earlier that it said access denied when trying to connect but did not know that it would work with cellular data but not wifi.

  • michelle senior

    Same I’ve started it twice now, if I have to delete it I won’t go back again, it’s a same because I’ve really enjoyed

  • JL

    I can no longer do spins. It says I need to log into facebook on my android phone. I do not have facebook connected to my phone and have never played candy crush through facebook. It’s gotten to the point I’m apt to delete the stupid thing. I probably waste too much time on it as it is – I can find other more constructive things to pass my time – although it was nice for a few non-concentrating minutes of relaxation I’ve gotten to level 305, but this asking to keep connecting to facebook is a deal breaker for me. I will not put facebook on my phone.

  • aj

    Can’t spin and cant buy lives. message states login failed to facebook
    . I never had a Facebook account and still don’t want one. why is the game hung up on this message every time I try to spin or buy lives? sucks

  • kc

    My phone progress is level 565 but on my laptop facebook account it stucks at level 562. And also my phone doesn’t allowed me to ask for ticket from friends. Whenever I need ticket, it will appeared the 3 friends that send me ticket at level 530. But if my phone level is more advance, it will send to my phone.
    So meaning I only can play on my laptop:(. No fun now

  • julse

    Hi I am having all the same problems. Is this going to be fixed? Losing interest in game.

  • Hdt

    Yes. I have got the same problem, ios android. Uninstalled and went back to level one. It is discouraging. With no connection to fb and no boosters, you only have the 5 lives go play with…..

  • JZ

    Will not let me spin the wheel. IOS.

  • Jan

    I have an iPad and nooo face book but wants me to log into face book. Can’t do spins. can’t do the store.
    It is boring. Just got the gold bars but can’t use them!

  • Maureen

    Constantly wants me to reconnect. iPad

  • Kuku

    Can play the game ok but can’t connect to apple store to make a purchase. Getting annoyed now as competing with the hubby!!!

  • novjo

    I had the same problem as Kuku

  • Gulodiva

    Same issue. Can’t spin or make purchases without Facebook login and I will not log in.

  • Maryellen

    Is there a solution in the works. This is frustrating

  • theunknowncat

    So I just ignored the wheel asking me to connect to Facebook for a while with the new update and just kept playing. I liked that they had previously updated it so that you had separate lives in the regular world and in Dreamworld, so I would just play until I ran out of lives in both and move on to something else. However, I decided to connect to FB in order to have the wheel back because I figured what’s the harm, I wasn’t going to let it post anything… and then I noticed it took away the separate lives for each world right after I connected, anyone else have that issue?

    I thought it was smart of them to originally update to make them separate. I’m really irritated that they decided to revert back. Plus being forced to connect to Facebook is really annoying anyway. I went into my FB settings and disconnected it again. I’ll probably keep it around on my phone to see if their next update fixes any of these issues, but if not then I’ll probably just delete it.

    • Grzybek

      I have the same problem. The wheel asking me to connest to Facebook and I don’t have account with Facebook ( and do not want one! ). This is very frustrating. No more fun playing Candy Crush!

  • GTJ

    I can’t spin, can’t use my gold bars, trying get to next level. Cannot contact store, and I am not a member of FB. Hope another update to correct this issue comes soon, I’m stuck!!!

  • LaBarbara

    Since the update with Candy Crush Saga I can not connect with face book. People do not update Candy Crush Saga… DO NOT!!!!! DO NOT!!!! Plus they know the problem.

  • Gale

    Yes….I too am having problems spinning the wheel etc. also many friends have reported similar problems. It is really annoying…..

  • vic

    It will only connect via wifi

  • [email protected]

    Yes having problems connecting to Facebook. to play and spin and receive friend lives

  • HHDiva

    I’ve been playing with app on iPad for about a year. Now I’m forced to play thru FB to get the daily spin?!?! No way. Will not do any in-app purchases til they set things straight. I will not subject my friends to their daily “Sarah has invited you to play candy crush” crap. And, the game has a bug.

  • Matthew granzella

    I have updated candy crush and now I can’t log on to Facebook I have emailed the company and their machine tell me what to do and still no progress I like candy crush I hope they fix the problem real real soon

  • Kathy

    Got to level 552, then took me back to level 1????? Have a Facebook account, but don’t play Candy Crush thru Facebook. I was addicted to CC, but will happily break the habit if the problem isn’t fixed.

  • Camy

    Cant spin the wheel or even make a purchase as it asks for a facebook login. I play on my android phone. I DO NOT have a facebook account at all so cannot login even if i want to. Hope they fix this or I will stop playing. I am on lever 470

  • Julie

    Having problems with Facebook and Candy Crush on my iPad! It’s driving me nuts! They both keep crashing. When I do get on to CC it will not connect to FB!

  • Bones

    5 days cannot connect to store. CC sucks.

  • Candycrusher

    I do not have Facebook nor to I want to join. Cannot access booster wheel message saying Facebook login has expired. I smell a rat to get you to join FB. I will remove the app before that happens!!

    • Catt

      I have the same problem I’m not on Facebook but want to continue playing

  • Cerrone S

    keeps logging me out of fb horrible updates each time!

  • justme

    I get that message and have never logged into the game with Facebook nor do I contact friends on Facebook for extra lives. I’ve never associated Candy Crush with Facebook so why would I even get this message? I also cannot spin the wheel nor access the store, which I don’t use anyway but I can’t use the free gold bars that I got since I can’t access the store! Need a fix for the latest update. I’m on and iPhone 5S btw

  • verozoe

    Having problems with fb to access candy crush please fix it

  • DaveP

    I have both IOS and Android version (iPhad and HTC phone) and both show the same issue, cant keep a connection to facebook, and often fails to reconnect when attempted. Both connecting to Play and iTunes store regularly fail. I guess they really dont want to get paid anymore….

  • Jan

    I cannot update to 651 on ipad or iPhone although have moved to 652 on laptop

  • Diane Kelley Adams

    Since update i cant play unless connected to fb in which its hard to di that even on wi fi and then took me from level 377 down to 1

  • Natalie

    Can’t play and get the full game experience unless connected to fb via wifi. It will play stand alone but you can spin wheel or connect to google play thru the app.

  • Natalie

    I used to play this game as a stand alone. I was forced to play thru facebook. Because of all of the problem, I uninstalled and re-installed the game. Funny it knew my progress but took away all of the boosters I had.

  • OneEyedWolf

    Yup, won’t connect to FB. Previous update I could at least connect via my wi-fi at home. Now, after updating to the latest version earlier this week, it doesn’t matter where I am, it sends me to the login page, says I’ve already allowed the connection and then “can’t connect to the kingdom”

  • Jeanne

    I cannot spin the wheel anymore or contact the store. I do not connect to Facebook but it keeps saying to sign in again that my session has expired. This is frustrating, I am about to get rid of the game unless they fix the problems soon!!

  • nicknyguy

    Do be with the game for the terrible foul up

    • nicknyguy

      Done. Autocorrect*

  • zaina 4 eva

    I am on level 446 and it now wont let me use the wheel or use the coins i already have as it keeps saying your face book sessions have expired! I’ve never had facebook!!!! I have an android phone but my daughters ipod is doing the same. It is really frustrating! Can this problem be fixed without facebook!!!

  • 1234

    I have been having problems connecting my candy crush with fb to have my extra lives that were given to me, to access the store, and to be able to spin the wheel for a few days now. I just tried connecting my phone with a wifi, and it worked. I am now able to connect with fb! I just don’t understand why i have to be connected to a wifi now in order to connect with fb! anybody know how to fix this problem?

  • Nita

    Just want to know why I can’t get download for 651 on iPad .

  • Kristie

    I am extremely upset with Candy Crush and I am ready to uninstall all your apps that you have. I have never had any problems before for the last year and a half or longer connecting to Facebook on my Candy Crush game on my Android cell phone, until now. For the past week and a half, maybe even 2 weeks since I have been able to access the Kingdom because I can’t connect to Facebook. When is this problem going to be fixed?

  • Brie

    Super annoyed. I can’t spin the wheel. It says cannot connect to Facebook. Your session has expired. Login again. I’m on level 400 and have never even had a fb account.

  • Sassythreat

    Absolutely annoyed with Candy Crush! Since the update on my iPhone and my Ipad I don’t have access to “the kingdom”. Deleted and reinstalled and lost all my progress. Ready to say fu#* it!

  • Chris

    On my PC I can get past 650, but on my Kindle and iPhone, I am stuck at 650. I have boosters and lives on my Kindle that I can’t use on the PC. It is annoying.

    • Sue

      same here

  • Atta

    Playing on my iphone and can not spin wheel since update over a week ago! Frustrated!

  • ketan

    it is very annoying if you dont have Facebook you can not spin wheel

  • Gee

    Been having the same probs for over a week now am not on fb so can’t log in to receive daily boosters am giving CCrush 7 more days then deleting the app if not fixed

  • Syl

    I’m glad that I’m not on my own I play on my Kindle HD and have just updated the android app and I keep having to log back in. I am now waiting for friends to unlock the next episode and apparently they have but I keep getting told that I can’t login and to try again Totaly Fed up now !

  • Jill

    Fed up , still won’t let me play level 651 ,just keeps saying , more levels soon and yet my apps tell me 651 as been downloaded , is it my iPad or is it there fault ?

    • Sue

      my kindle won’t go past 640 either, but my PC does? any news on an update?

  • Debi

    In the last couple of days won’t let me spin keeps telling me to go to FB and I’ve never played thru FB
    Also won’t let me buy extra time,etc just says same thing…signin thru FB

  • Lisa limbrick

    I can only connect to the kingdom if I have wifi connectipn. My kindle has no problems but I also haven’t done any updates. When I try to connect it tells me I don’t have access to the kingdom try again later. I thought it was my phone so I purchased a new phone and still the same. The re installs do not fix the problem.

  • jeff

    It will not let me login to Facebook on my galaxy s5 it keeps saying I don’t have permission from the king please try again later then when I hit the wheel to spin it it says that my Facebook session has expired please login to Facebook and try again later

  • battle

    Same issue cant get booster wheel get message eed to log in to Facebook but have never used it with fb playing two different games one on iPhone4 and one on kindle fire same message in both

  • Zoila

    I don’t have a Facebook account and I have never play using Facebook but after the update I’m no even able to buy lives and it keep asking me to log on facebook, I cannot spin the wheel anymore iether. IT IS CRAZY!! I think I will uninstall the game :-(

  • Ren

    I do not have FB and I can not connect to the store! I am sorry everyone is having issues but relieved it is just not me!! I can play it on my iPhone via WiFi but not on my iPad. It doesn’t make any sense. I have contacted the maker via email, which was suggested by Apple…if I hear anything I will be happy to share

    • Ambi

      I do not have fb , and play on iPad. Just completed level 200 but now I can’t move on because I can’t connect to store. What’s. Going on, please help.

  • Katie M

    I’m not able to connect to FB on my Kindle Fire since the last app update (today). Was logged in yesterday, but today it won’t let me log in.

  • Lizzy B

    I don’t use facebook either. Very disappointing and intrusive new “feature” to make it mandatory. As if current revenue isn’t already enough?

  • Emma

    I keep getting session expired. Log into Facebook. I never had to, I don’t even use Facebook. I have a iPhone 5s. Can’t get to the store nor can I spin the wheel. Sort of took some if the fun away from the game.

  • Paul

    I’m having the same issues as many here. I don’t use Facebook and now I’m not able to contact the store or spin the wheel. There was an update this morning but it didn’t fix this problem.

    • JMM

      Same here. iPad player

  • rrb

    I have the same issue on my iPad… I do use FB – but when I try to relogin it says network error, took too long, etc.; the last couple days it has improved but I can not move past level 650… On my iPhone, I have moved on… what’s up???

  • Tiger

    I am on level 650 and it won’t load anymore levels

  • Cp

    I cannot buy any lives. Tells me IMO contact with store.

  • Jane

    Same problem here – don’t use Facebook but keeps saying I have to log in

  • Jose

    the game only sync with facebook over the wifi

  • Hudson

    Never logged in with FB whilst playing candy. Now can’t move on to next levels without being instructed to. Wheel doesn’t spin. Can’t connect to store messages?! It’s all gone a bit Pete Tong.

  • binski

    I don’t play candy crush on face book I don’t even have a Facebook account but it keeps telling me that my session as expired and sign in again ,I to am fed up so I’m leaving unless it’s fixed soon and I’m a 59 year old player,

  • shuerta09

    Never had a Facebook account and since the last update I get message that says -connection failed, please log back into Facebook- … How is that possible if I never had one? Won’t let me spin the wheel or use the gold booster they gave me. I have a Galaxy s4.

  • bharris

    Same here. Level 437. I don’t play via FB but keep getting connection failed-log in to FB. Can’t use daily booster. Giving it a day or two, then I’m done. iPhone 5.

  • Sparty78

    I lost all my boosters with the update and was given a “free gold bar”. I can’t connect to spin the wheel for more boosters because I get instead a “facebook login fail” message which I have never logged in for in the past. Can’t use this “gold bar” either because I get the same fail to connect message.

  • Atta

    Still no fix for daily spin! Absolutely ridiculous!!

  • Renee

    I can’t connect to FB with candy crush. Other games connect to FB, but not Candy Crush.

  • Dr

    Having problems as well. Can not connect to app store to purchase new levels, so annoying!the newest update did not help!! Their app support is useless, they do not respond to sent emails about this issue, so dont bother writing to them. This is hopeless.

  • Lizardo

    Please fix this Candy Crush. I cannot buy boosters to progress, and you must be losing money! Very frustrating.

  • rerich

    I am not on Facebook, and don’t plan on joining. Now that I can’t spin the booster wheel, levels will start to be impossible to pass, and at some point, probably soon, I will become too frustrated with the game and uninstall it. In the tech world, “if it works, there’s gotta be a fix to make it worse!”

  • Burnadebt

    Can’t purchase lives or boosters for over a week on any Kindles (Fire or Fire HDX). Keep getting Facebook login expired, failed to connect message and I’ve never used Facebook.

  • keith

    Since I last updated can’t connect to facebook. …pissed off cause off money I spent…u suck!!

  • Grunta

    Was at level 520 something but impossible to get through even after paying for more moves ect still no luck so deleted the game
    Decided to reinstall and start again but can not log on to the store for new levels and when I try the wheel it says can’t log onto Facebook? Im not on Facebook and have never used it?
    I did manage to get a new level when I completed the tasks but that takes 3days
    Very disappointing

  • Liz217

    Having the same problems as above. Can’t spin the wheel, can’t connect to store, and it keeps giving me FB error when I don’t play through FB.

  • Seriously annoyed

    I don’t have a Facebook account and all of a sudden I can’t spin wheel or access the store without a Facebook account!!! Annoyed!!! Candy crush’s loss, I guess!

  • Amy

    I can’t connect most times on my kindle fire to facebook. My iPhone is better but I do not want to log in every time. Very frustrating!!!!

  • hot in phoenix

    I wish they would hurry up and fix this game. I don’t want to have to uninstall amd reload it again then I’m back at square one. Boosters gone, gold bar gone…. sucks!

  • Chico’s_mom

    Have read random comments below. Ditto ditto ditto. If they don’t fix quickly especially for non-Facebook users to be able to play the way we used to it’s not going to be so ‘Sweet’ in CandyCrack Saga. If I am stuck on one level forever with no boosters and no way to buy off to the next level I’ll be deleting the game too. For good.

  • Susan

    So annoying. Haven’t been able to play for a week now. Keeps saying ‘cannot connect to store’ Needs to get fixed or deleting.

  • Chad N Britt Ard

    Does anyone know when they are suppose to fix the problem, mine only works if connected to wifi. I don’t have internet so I can’t play. I’m stuck needing tickets!!!

  • Frustratedgamer

    I play on three different devices. On my Android phone, I can still spin the daily wheel, received a gold bar, and have lives in both the regular game and the Odus game. On my iPhone and iPad, I cannot do the daily spin (it tells me my Facebook session has expired even though I have never played through FB), I have never gotten the gold bars, and I have never gotten the double lives with Odus. I have done all updates with all three games and have the screen with the smaller view on all three games. It seems weird that the updates don’t make all my games the same and that they don’t seem to be in a hurry to address all these complaints. If they are trying to get me to play through FB, they can try to Infiniti as I will not do it.

  • Audwee

    I can’t get the daily booster wheel as it keeps saying connection failed your FB session has expired BUT IV NEVER BEEN ON FACEBOOK!!!!!!!! Aaaaaaaaarrrrrggggg!!!!!!!!!4

  • None

    Cannot connect to store. When I attempt to spin the wheel I receive the Facebook direct, although have never had Candy Crush linked to FB.

    Uninstalled then reinstalled. CC remember my level and acquired boosters, but am at the end of a level and cannot purchase to get to next level (and the quest brings back bad memories of a level I previously struggled with.)

    My son can connect using his old beat-up phone.

    Galaxy S4.

  • Livewire

    I’m in the same boat as all the other players. Am surprised with so many negative comments that the producers of the game haven’t got the curtesy to give us an update as to what they are doing to rectify the problem. Will never join facebook so that will be it for me.

  • Yoshix64

    Same problem here, I’m an Android user and never use FB, but i’m unable to spin the wheel because it says “Connection failed”, there are not connections issues. I play sometimes, but i spin the wheel daily.

  • GG

    I am with you all, no facebook account, no access. I hope this is not there way to get us all on facebook, I will quit their little game first. News flash “Facebook is not for everyone”. Candy crush was a good little out in this crazy world but candy crush on facebook forget it, I will take my toys and play somewhere else.

  • kevin

    Same problem for a while now_ I don’t even have fb and it tells me to reconnect to fb before I can spin the wheel on my Samsung note. The game updated tonight so i was hoping it was fixed, but it’s not. My ipad connects to the wheel and I got some free gold bars too.

  • ach

    It’s been several weeks since this happened to me. Adding insult to injury, when I “lost” use of the wheel I also lost 3 levels and was returned to level 167 which took weeks to win and all of my boosters. Seems like they are in cahoots with Face Book, which I don’t use.

  • Shirley A

    I only use Candy Crush on my Ipad not mobile. For 2 days I cannot spin the wheel because of that Connection Failed message. I am not on FB. I don’t intend to be forced to go on FB just to get boosters. I will just live without boosters. They are not getting my money for boosters. Otherwise, it’s goodbye to CC and hello to some other game.

    • Tina

      The exact same thing is happening to me on my iPhone and my iPad.

  • fatbuttons

    I have been getting connection to store failed for a few days. Means I cannot buy any more lives. Cndy Crush’s loss!!

  • aussiecat

    Same here NOT joining FB…will continue without spin or give up. please fix.

  • Crystal

    I’m a FB user and am having all the same problems as everyone else!

  • Emily bee

    I’m just adding my comments that I also get the “can’t connect to Facebook” error. So I logged in through Facebook on the front page of the app and it deleted all of my progress. I restored everything and got my progress back, but still get that damn error.

    • sad with Candy Crush

      Feed up with candy crush. Haven’t been able to spin the booster wheel for weeks now. It keep telling me to log in on Facebook. I don’t have s Facebook account and never had one. Very frustrating especially when you are stuck on a level that you could use some help. So who do you report this to?

  • KathyJ

    When I try to spin the wheel for the free boosters, I get a message saying that my Facebook session has expired and to please log in again. But I don’t play through Facebook! I also can’t use my gold. Very frustrating as I’m on a difficult level and need boosters!

  • Tammilou

    I am not on Facebook at all. I also get the “can’t connect to facebook” message . I have always been able to spin the wheel up until about 2 months ago when I did the update. I love this game, but will not join facebook to play it.

  • Guest

    Same problem. Frustrated and think it’s deliberate and a mean thing to do. May give up game now if the booster does not come back soon as won’t be steamrolled into synching Candy Crush to FB. Also can’t connect to store.

  • Linta Escobar

    Cannot buy any extras now on candy crush. It says “cannot connect to the store”. Please fix!!!
    I lost the ability when I did the latest update.

  • grapeape

    “Denied access to Kingdom” when trying to play on my Android..grrrr! Updated of course…plz hurry and fix!

  • Dpd428

    Reached level 539. Updated the game as couldn’t access the daily booster wheel – result…all stats deleted and back to level 1. 2 years of enjoyment gone in a minute. Gutted, not starting again so game deleted.

  • Dawn

    Also having problems. Message says can’t connect to store. Message saying Facebook session has expired (I do not use Facebook at all). Booster will slides down. Unable to spin wheel. Using iPhone 6.

  • lakshmikanth Tatikonda

    I too have this same issue at home Wifi network. If I switch to mobile data it works and even on office wifi. I am still googling to investigate why this happening only on particular wifi. No clues yet.

  • Donapop

    We’ve had 2 updates since this problem and no fix just normal updates!!!! They need to let us know if they are only keeping the game with FB!

  • Unhappy with Candy Crush

    Failed to connect to store message appears every time since update. Feel like uninstalling Candy Crush.

  • Selina Guest

    in the meantime the addiction continues, Selena Guest has written a lovely book called ” are you addicted to candycrush? ” available on amazon, itune and kobo, its worth sharing if you love candycrush. .

  • Lh2253

    I don’t have a Facebook account and always get connection failed popup on a free spin.
    This started with the latest release.

  • Tammilou

    Been playing this game for over 2 years . Wake up everyday & think…..maybe it will work today???? Nope! Very frustrating! Stuck on a difficult level & need the boosters. I’ve always loved this game, but with all the problems & no sign of fixing it……..I QUIT! Looking for my next fun game to love. Bye candy crush. :-(

  • joanna

    Have not been able to go to the store for several days now. Failed to contact store…

  • Bob

    I downloaded the latest update and I am receiving Facebook warnings and no longer can connect to the store. Also no more spinning of the wheel

  • From the US

    Also error message saying “Failed to contact store.” Can’t purchase additional lives. Saga must be pretty mad. Lots of lost revenue. I just wait for my lives to refill for free.

  • Sabrina

    I was playing Candy Crush on my Ipod Touch–reached level 445. I began experiencing problems shortly after that. the app kept crashing until finally after all my hard work, I was brought right back to level 1.

  • unknown

    I dont have fb and now it has taken my free spin away. Ive deleted candy crush and started back over. And the same thing happened to me after level 50. Ill wait but if they dont get it fixed them ill find a new game.

  • Lisa Chemberlin

    Yes. “Failed to connect to store” message for several days now. Problem still persists to date.

  • calegr

    I will also remove candy crush if they don’t change back to the free spins. I have a dba account but will not play candy crush through fb!

  • Crushed

    Not only did I lose the free spins, I can’t access the 20 gold bars I bought in order to defeat some of the harder levels. Infuriating – I paid for those!

  • Linda

    I also am experiencing same problem since update several days ago. No bonus wheel, failed to contact store and failed Facebook login DON’T EVEN HAVE FACEBOOK ACCT. Just did newest IOS UPDATE no change. Soooooo MAD

    • Chris

      Same with me, I can’t even access the gold bars I purchased. Has anyone given you a fix that won’t lose levels?

  • Miss Vickie

    I’ve been getting the “failed to connect to store message” for more than a week. It worked one day, then stopped again. Also notice my picture is no longer on my marker and I no longer see where my friends are. Do not play through FB.

  • Jeffrey Ro

    I Tried uninstalling Facebook and Candy crush then redownloading both and reinstalling them on my new phone. NOw I am back at level 1 and it still will not connect to Facebook. I am completely frustrated and I am suffering Withdrawal

  • Julie

    Im not on face book, but when i try to use free spin, it says face book session ended, please log in. Ive nevef been on face book, abd have never had any trouble in getting free soins, i am on i pad, its very frustrating.

  • Donapop

    Has anyone heard them acknowledge that the problem is being worked on???? My husband noticed his bonus wheel was back today and the box came up saying 2 free hours if you purchase something but everything else still says failed to connect he too has gold bars that he purchased and cannot use!!!!!! Please fix this!!!!!! My husband never has had a FB acct and never will.

  • Tired of this

    It says I have no contact with the store, so it won’t let me buy anything. It doesn’t let me spin daily either. It’s really frustrating.

  • Dumrse

    I’m guessing it’s the end of Cany crush for us. We are not playing thru FB.

  • Angie Lauderbaugh

    No contact with store,,, no daily spin, a real pain. Angie

  • ken

    no store contact or facebook connect///…plus crash

  • BLB

    also no contact ect// have paid for gold bars can’t use, no free spin SO NO CANDY CRUSH ANYTHING

  • Jon The Bee

    Same thing, updated app, lost daily bonus wheel as it says fb connection expired. Looks like the end of the road playing this app.

  • Frustrated user

    Anyone know when people can even access the gold bars they paid for? Can you imagine with millions of users how much money has been spend and it is essentially gone?

  • sylvia o’rourke

    Since the update i cant get my freespin to work and it is telling me my facebook has expired i dont have a facebook account what has happened i aman android user will it ever work right again

  • hicksco

    Since the update, I am constantly being told my facebook connection has expired and if I try to buy a booster, it will not connect to Google store.

  • Frustrated

    I’m finding that I don’t get anymore free spins and it says I’m not connected to the store. I’m not a Facebook member but it’s very frustrating and want to know when this problem is going to be fixed

  • Debrini

    I am having all of the mentioned problems. Will not connect to store, wants me to connect to facebook and I will not do that and no free spins. I have bars that I have bought and I cannot access them because I cannot connect to the store. Really starting to make me mad and dump the game for good. Is anything being done to correct these issues?

  • Lindsay cardiff

    Since recent update spin the wheel has disappeared and I can’t connect to store. Waste of time. Could be I give up playing altogether

  • Judyhd

    Agree. The gold bars seemed like a good idea but now they have my money and I can’t access it! This is the 2nd update lately where this has happened. I love the game but I’m sick of being stuffed around.

  • amit naik

    From today onwards bonus wheel has disappeared from my game.. It really frustrating. Please do fix it

  • Loz

    Mines still like it will it be sorted because I’m getting fed up of it now… I have iPhone 5c

  • Sab

    Since recent update I can’t connect to the store and spin the wheel does not work.

  • Hel2bwith

    I also cannot connect to store, have no access to spin wheel and I get a message telling me that I’m not logged into Facebook .. Very frustrating

  • mabtycoon

    I dont play through facebook, so each time i get a new phone i have to start again – which is fine (if frustrating!) But now i have to use gold bars to pass to new regions where as before, i’d already paid to move regions and could do so without having to pay again. NOW I have to use gold bars to move regions even though i’ve already paid! RIP OFF!

  • Mbrenn41

    I am also a CANDY crush player and cannot connect to store to purchase additional levels. Will not use FB to connect either. I guess I am done too.

  • barbara

    Cannot connect to store to buy moves……..don’t have Facebook either , wish I had not done upgrade to iPad. No wheel spin either,anyone going to fix this?

  • TJ James

    Cannot connect to store, or daily spin, don’t use facebook not sure whats going on

  • Kishore

    I am unable to start 681 level on my mobile because my game Was not updating it is showing soon there will be new placed but it is not showing levels from 681 plz solve my problem

  • Jt

    No wheel spin, can’t connect to store. Erroneous facebook login messages. Frustrated!

  • Mrs angry

    Cannot move forward or buy life’s or spin wheel, really annoying, any ideas what we can do about this ? Has been a total RIP OFF, all the money spent on candy crush and now can no longer play

  • Crissy

    Since the update I can no longer connect to facebook using my mobile data. I can only connect using wifi. I’m very frustrated !

  • Haye candycrushperson

    In order to keep synchronized with Facebook you have to be connected via WIFi . It seems this was done on purpose. Just anather thig that really ticks me off . Somehow I think ot has to do with them money and phone service providers

  • Lottie 10

    I don’t even have face book but it won’t let me connect to the App Store so can’t get more lives or to the next episode. So sick of it. It has been going on for weeks! Wish they would just sort it out!

  • Buddy

    No connection with candy crush since ios8 came out. Just blurred screen when I try to connect. Tried reloading. No change

  • Has15

    I am suddenly asked to pay 9 gold bars to get to the next episode, where it has always been 3 (I use the 50 bars which I got for free). And it says failed to connect to store, even though I dont want to buy anything. And every time I end the app (hoping it would recover), my android says unfortunately candy crush has stopped.

    • Sheila J Smith-Galvan

      Then what are or can we do to get this resolved.

  • Eric Turner

    Here’s the problem(s):
    -The only way you can make ANY type of purchase on this game now is by being logged in on Facebook.
    – You can only way you can connect to Facebook by having a WiFi connection. You can no longer use your phone carrier’s network to connect.

    • Sheila J Smith-Galvan

      I can connect to Facebook without WiFi, I just cannot connect Candy Crush Saga with Facebook.

      • Sam

        Me too! Same thing….

        • Sheila J Smith-Galvan

          I have emailed the developer and they keep sending back that they have people working on it. Has anyone been emailing the developer of Candy Crush Saga. It s so frustrating!

    • Sheila J Smith-Galvan

      That is bull ma larky! Most people like me don’t have WiFi or not near a WiFi hotspots…I live way outside of town with no WiFi connection!

  • Sheila J Smith-Galvan

    My issues about Candy Crush Saga with Facebook!
    I have an LG Optimus G Pro (LG-E980) Android phone and have had problems since August 2014. When I open Candy Crush Saga, I click the Facebook to connect, sign in, goes back to Candy Crush game and it seems like it is going to load, then I get Failed, Sorry, you don’t have access to the Kingdom, right now. Please try connecting later. When I go somewhere that has free WiFi, Candy Crush Saga will connect with Facebook and I can play the game. When I am out of range, I am not able to see my friends. I have never had to do this before, until the last update. I have done every suggestions given to from resetting to factory settings to uninstalling apps and nothing works. This is ridiculous, I can’t play any games by the developer of Candy Crush Saga. Please help or fix the problem!

  • kb16

    SInce I have never connected to Facebook (prior to the August 2014 change) while using my Kindle Fire to play Candy Crush, I certainly do not want to start now. I am stuck on a level, and cannot even buy items to help. I am just about ready to quit. I truly wish an update would change the game back to the way it was before.

    • Sheila J Smith-Galvan

      I agree 100%! I am getting frustrated with the whole thing, and ’bout to say I am done with it. I can’t purchase anything either cause I cannot connect. Why fix something that is not broke!

  • zee06

    This is so annoying cannot log onto fb it keeps saying sorry u dont have access to the kindom try again later now I cant get lives from my friends an its not so exciting what can I do to connect to fb plz sort out da problem

  • Susie Q

    Yeah, since updating the last iOS, Candy Crush just won’t open. I’ve already removed it and re-installed it (which put me back to the beginning and trashed all of my past data) and it’s still not working.

  • GadgetGal72

    If you will be patient, you will find that the booster spin wheel has been restored last week to non facebook users thru a recent Candy Crush upgrade.

  • sanja

    Wow there is many different probs wit c.crush game on F.B.! I thought it was just the 1 prob. My prob 4 e.g. is i can open the app but thats it, now it keeps saying”u ned 2upgrade yr ADOBE FLASH PLAYER 2continue playing this game. I’ve done that several times aswell as Even dwnloading the newest/latest version of A.FLASH PLAYER & still nothing. SOOOO FUSTRATING!!! Anyone have a clue or r we all stuck!?

  • sad candy crusher

    I can’t get into candy crush on my kindle. It started crashing today upon opening. Other apps are fine.

  • Madcustomer

    I play on iPhone it tells me I’m not logged in through facebook but the new gold bars you start with 50 I’m down to 23 and haven’t ever touched them I don’t know what they are for

  • layla

    I play on iphone, the level 711 is not showing up on my iphone (more levels coming soon), where as i am on level 713 on my desk top, can any one one explain y? connecting it with facebook doesnt work either.
    secondly the daily booster on desk top ask for gold bars to stop y?isnt it it free?
    can any one help plz

  • Dannyboy996

    Updated the app, and I’m back to the beginning. That’s it, I’m done. Not going through all that again

  • lc7collie

    After update to iOS 8 I tried to install the update to candy crush and the app just sits at installng for two days can’t even uninstall

  • Nicola44

    Since i updated on ipad i can not play it just crashes all he time

  • Pablo24

    Since downloading the latest update i no longer can play candy crush on my ipad even throgh my f/b account it just keeps crashing. Ive even uninstalled it and reinstalled it to no effect can anyone help

  • Karen

    Since my update my candy crush has gone back to the beginning. I am not connected to fb .will it come back or do I have to go through it all again ?

  • Kelly

    I made it to level 711 but it’s just like the levels at the very beginning. Reach 300 points in 6 moves, etc. Its not what I’ve read it should be, with new keys. Anyone else experience this? I do play connected to Facebook on my iPhone.

  • Kerry

    Yes, on my iPhone 4S level 711 thru 725 are all the same game (Reach 300 points in 6 moves). How can I fix this??

  • Suzan

    Everyone seems to be having the same problems but where is the HELP in finding the answers?

  • Guru Prasad

    I was playing level 382 i have not connected to Facebook, suddenly my phone got restarted.. now its showing to play from the first level.. pls let me know how to get back to 382 level.??

  • Marie Parry

    for about 2 weeks my facebook game takes me to game 740?? but i was only on 477.. But my phone app puts me on game 477 which I have completed 20 times but it wont move me on. Have tried deleting both candy crush off facebook and phone. but when i re install it puts me back to these positions. fb game 740 and phone app on 477……. Very frustrated.. hate the new candy crush soda game.. Getting Candy Crush withdrawal problems.. Hate it

  • shaadie

    Multi taskbutton doesn’t work after using Candy. That’s pretty big bug!!!!

  • Sandra W

    Every time I go to Candy Crush on FB it tells me I need the newest version of Adobe Flash Player before I can play. I got the latest version and I STILL can’t play!!!!! I’m addicted to it so am getting very frustrated.

  • Jamie Martinez

    I cant connect to Facebook from Motorola phone

  • Jill

    I used to get 5 lives per world and now I only get 5 lives total. Is this part of the new update? Help!

    • Sarah

      Me too — I don’t mean to sound entitled but it stinks that they took away half of our lives!

  • Kobi Adamson

    I have been having the same issue with soda saga, it wont login then in the middle of playing a level it constantly tries to login but never does now i have uninstalled and reinstslled both candy crush and soda saga on my phone and have lost all my levels on both back to 1st level. Will i ever get those levels back?
    Kobi Adamson
    Candy crush soda fan

  • Nikhat Fatima

    Earlier I used to have 5 lives each in both candy crush and dreamworld. Now after the update I have only 5 lives which I have to use either for dreamworld or the main game. I play only in my android mobile and not through internet as I am not on FB.
    please give a solution

  • Deb Sheridan

    I am playing Candy Crush on an iPad, and I don’t play through Facebook. I have been experiencing crashes on opening for the last two weeks. I have read through some of the comments below and it seems that this is very widespread. Is there no fix to this? Is King trying to do something about this? How can we find out?

  • Sandyb

    I play cc on an iPad and have bee experiencing the same problem as Nikhat Fatima below. Only 5 free lives which instead of 5 on cc and5 on opus. Has anyone any ideas how to get the other 5 lives back?

  • kelly

    I am not connected through Facebook as I don’t have one… I am signed in as a guest but now when I reach the end of an episode, instead of playing the challenges and waiting 24 hours, I have to ask random guest players for help? I want to switch it back. I’d rather pay my random levels and wait instead of ask random strangers and wait for them. If this is an update. … it sucks.

    • Meeee!

      This has happened to me at level 620. I want to play the random games and not wait for random people as I am not connected to Facebook. Have you found a way round this?
      This could well be the end of candy crush for me but I really don’t want to give up.

    • Cva Acharya

      It’s pretty simple to bypass episode
      At first you need to turn off wifi if you have one on your mobile , and turn off your cellular data as well …most important
      Lunch candy crush and play one game to unlock next episode, there will be three games to play to unlock next episode.
      When you complete the first given level , simply shut down the game.

      After go to setting >time and date>and to 2 days ahead from your real time
      And again lunch game and you will see next task game is unlocked , complete it
      And again shut down game and go to time setting and again go two more days forward and lunch game , you will have final task to complete , complete that given stage ,
      After completing that final or third given level you will unlock the next episode
      When you reach to next episode just go to time and bring your time to the present moment and turn on wifi/mobile both and you are good to go
      To unlock other episode in future simply repeat those steps

  • Chichi

    At first I was at level 578 and logged in with fb and the game made me restart from level 1…
    Now I’m at level 470 and passed it twice ,somehow I have to ask others for unlocking quests,total bummer .thank god I havnt invested a penny in this game ….

  • Rhea

    I have been playing cc saga and soda but lately everytime I play it shut off. I start shutting off my IPad thinking that it just need to reboot but unfortunately still the same. Is there something I need to do?

  • Shadow

    I don’t play the game through FB. i forgot my password as I tried to log in to play candy crush. I did forget password but have not gotten any email to reset my password. I checked my inbox as well as my junk box, nothing. I did forget password several times, still no email. Any suggestion? I am too far in the game I don’t really want to start over.

    • a

      I’m having the same issue I finally emailed customer support and all they sent me was “we are aware of this issue and working on how to fix it but there’s nothing we can do for you at this time”

  • Bonnie

    The last week the daily booster wheel has not given me my free spin. This level is frustrating. I’m about to give it up. Also the amount of money being charged for boosts is ridiculous.

  • Jen

    I have been playing on my Android SIII for quite a while, not through FB, just the app on my phone. I had to quit playing a couple of month ago because every time I played and then exited the app, my phone would freeze up and I would have to restart the phone. Sometimes the only way to shut down the phone was to remove the battery. It just became too much of a hassle to play it.

  • Terry

    How do I take off the update & go back to the original, so I can play? I don’t want to start over since I am on 288!

    • dian

      My candy crush disappeared from my kindle fire..I tried to retrieve it from app store But it reconnected starting all over from one I want my previous game

  • Teresa

    I’m stuck I can’t receive tickets I ask for them but get lives not tickets and I can’t purchase it won’t let me please someone help

  • Donna N Lee George

    Since I did the last update the game disappeared off my phone and I can’t download it again from the App Store. I don’t know where it went

  • Kaizer Blue

    Since latest iOS update candy crush some continually tries to connect to facebook

  • Eogeaux

    Updated candy crush soda saga last night and today it can’t connect to Facebook. Been trying all day and did every troubleshooting step I could think of

    • Gill Carter

      Exactly the same problem. My other King apps work as does FB, why ……?

    • Dawdy

      Mine was fine until the Facebook app updated earlier and now some of my games will not login to Facebook

  • Dawdy

    Updates to Facebook Version and now none of my games can connect to Facebook, just keep getting the login connect looping then saying it has failed to connect, and the apps do not show in settings, facebook etc

    • Kelly


  • Kelly

    None of my games will connect to Facebook now and are not listed in apps list in Facebook Settings. Tried EVERYTHING. Nothing works.

  • Kenny Miyawaki

    Updated Candy Crush and CandyCrush Soda no issues with iOS 8.1.2…just updated iPad to 8.1.3 and neither Candt Crush game will connect with FaceBook. Guess I’ll just quit playing until King releases new updates to deal with the connectivity issues.

  • Carolyn

    Won’t connect and lost all my progress trying to fix it, Not happy! this all after updating

  • Denise

    I cannot log into candy crush or soda says ccs to reconnect, have no clue what that means and I’m really frustrated. I hope I don’t lose my progress on my games once the problem is resolved.. can’t play on my lap top or i phone 5.

  • Donna N Lee George

    So did anyone else’s just disappear off their phone after the update. I can’t download it again cause it still seems to think I have it on my phone but it’s just disappeared

  • Pamelajsa

    I use Bluestacks on my computer to play (converts Android apps) and I’m having the same trouble with the bonus wheel and purchasing bars…says my Facebook session expired and simply will not connect to the App store for purchases. It’s not just Candy Crush, it is Farm Heroes as well. This is ridiculous and there is NO support from King, the makers of the games.

  • Saaz

    My spin is not working, it says its facebook session has been expired

  • Pete

    If I run out of lives I sometimes purchase a life package via play store. But recently when I go to buy lives it says ‘failed to contact store’ It’s the same with CANDY CRUSH SODA aswell, it won’t let me buy lives.
    Not sure what’s happened.

  • Craig Goslan

    My Galaxy S5 always says ‘Candy Crush Soda has stopped’ whenever I start it, this happens with many ‘apps’, makes me head back to Apple.

  • Rose Heim

    Why will it not connect to fb on my phone but will every other device

  • Karen

    Playing on iPad won’t let go to next level 436

  • Awiena

    my last level 1070, why cannot next level???

  • Karthick Subash

    Im very disappointed playing the game… Every time I try to connect the game to my facebook account there appears a label ” unable to connect try again “

  • Joanne

    My free spin won’t stop spinning. I touch stop key but it keeps spinning. Help!

  • Rosie Kelly

    Im ged up waiting on updates

  • debbie

    Im unable to load candy crush it tells me its loadin and smply returns to my home page!!

  • debbie

    Ive never had this problem and has only happenedcsince update yestaday.

  • Yvonne langford

    I have lost candy crush from an update. Can it be reinstated back to where I was which is level 529 I think?

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