All new iPhone 8 design offers wireless charging


Just the same as every year there is plenty of buzz about upcoming Apple iPhones. Rumors and leaks about the iPhone 8 have been plentiful and we’ve also seen an abundance of concept ideas to tease us with possibilities. Now we’re sharing an all new iPhone 8 design that offers wireless charging.

At this stage there’s not even anything concrete about the name of the new iPhone 2017. We’ve seen so many names bandied about that even we have found it confusing. However, leaks suggest a possible iPhone 7S and iPhone 7S Plus, as well as a rather more special iPhone 8. We’ve also heard murmurings of this referred to as the iPhone 8 Anniversary Edition as well as the iPhone X and at this stage you can take your pick!

Recently we showed an iPhone 8 concept design giving the device a transparent look. The latest design idea that you can see pictured here comes from Tech Driven Times and was produced exclusively for Concepts iPhone. It’s said to be based on the latest rumors and leaks. You can get a fuller look at the rendering in the short video that we’ve embedded below for your viewing pleasure. The designer has titled it as “Introducing the all-new iPhone 8,” and the video shows the handset from all angles.

New iPhone 8 design
New iPhone 8 design

Not much information is given about this concept. However, the designers to refer to it as the thinnest smartphone ever (no size specified). Further snippets of information are that it features wireless induction charging and has a touch Home button with fingerprint scanner rather than a physical Home button. We can see it has a curved edged display that stretches across the sides. Also evident is a dual rear camera arrangement.

We have to say we find the design a little odd as the handset appears to be wider across the top than the bottom. We’re not convinced that many potential iPhone 8 buyers would like that idea although the design does have some attractive elements. Of course we’ll have to wait to see what Apple brings to the table with the real deal. However, a recent report suggested the iPhone 8 could have a row of virtual buttons at the bottom rather than a virtual Home button.

As always we’ll keep readers up-to-date with the latest iPhone 8 news, rumors and leaks. In the meantime we’d like to hear your thoughts on this new iPhone 8 design idea, so why not send us a comment.

Source: Tech Driven Times for ConceptsiPhone (YouTube)

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