Launch window of Verizon BlackBerry Storm and Touch Diamond leaked


An anonymous source has leaked a training schedule document from the depths of Verizon Wireless’ vaults which hints at the possible launch dates of two of the most anticipates mobile phones. The leaked Verizon training schedule documentation states that employees should complete their handset familiarisation course with Research in Motion’s BlackBerry Storm by November 2nd […]

RIM suffers worst Nasdaq drop in eight years


Research In Motion seem to be having a bad time of it lately as the maker of the BlackBerry smartphone has dropped the most in almost eight years in Nasdaq trading due to the competition from the Apple iPhone 3G curbing its profit forecast for the second quarter in a row. Analyst with Toronto based […]

Simulator shots of BlackBerry Storm OS


A few screens of Research In Motion’s BlackBerry Storm 9500 have come to light that show off the navigation of RIM’s first touch-screen handset. One would have thought Research In Motion would have come up with something special for the OS of this significant smartphone, but basically they’re kept it to much the same as […]

AT&T kick up a storm over Blackberry Storm: iPhone better?


Take this as you find it but it looks like there is an internal document doing the rounds at AT&T that has them pitting the Apple iPhone 3G against the soon to be released Research In Motion BlackBerry Storm. Word is the document is real and in it AT&T says about the BlackBerry Storm… The […]

BlackBerry 8220 Flip pre-release Kickstart found on eBay


Over at that place where is seems you can get hold of anything for the right price, including mobile phones that haven’t been shipped yet, that place known as eBay, there is a Research In Motion BlackBerry 8220 Kickstart, or what is now known as the Blackberry Pearl 2. The ad states this first BlackBerry […]

Microsoft delays Windows Mobile 7 until late 2009


Apparently Microsoft has told several of its partners that there will be a delay with Windows Mobile 7 the much anticipated update to its mobile phone OS. Though unofficial, the word was Windows Mobile 7 partners would see the final version early next year, but have now been informed it will be in the second […]

BlackBerry Bold to launch on GSM network in India


Research In Motion along with Reliance Communications has announced the launch of the BlackBerry Bold smartphone for Reliance Communications GSM customers in India. Co-CEO, Research In Motion, Jim Balsillie, said: “Reliance Communications and Research In Motion have been working together closely to bring the many benefits of the BlackBerry solution to their CDMA customers in […]

BlackBerry Storm to storm UK shores in October?


Heads up Brits, according to sources it is confirmed that Research In Motion’s touch-screen BlackBerry 9500 Storm will be storming our shores via the Vodafone ship. But the real surprise is the timeline, it was expected the BlackBerry Storm would launch in the UK round November or December but the sources say it will hit […]

BlackBerry Storm kicks up a storm with Telus and Bell


Here’s a bit of news for all you Blackberry loving Canadian concerning the Research In Motion Blackberry 9530 Storm. It has for sometime now been assumed or near enough confirmed that the Blackberry Storm is to be carried by Telus, but rival CDMA Bell’s placing with the BlackBerry Storm has yet to be solved. Well […]

BlackBerry 8900 Javelin as good as Bold or Storm?


The guys over at CrackBerry have got hold of a RIM BlackBerry 8900, better known as the BlackBerry Javelin, and no, they didn’t get it off eBay for £17,100, however they did give it a good going over. There is another non-touch-screen BlackBerry beauty for fans to be equally excited about and that’s the BlackBerry […]