Mobile phone tracking apps and how they work

Mobile phone tracking apps and how they work

Mobile phone tracking apps are built to help people track the mobile phones of their loved ones due to safety concerns or any other reasons. Mobile phone tracking services were first introduced to help people escape emergency situations by getting located by emergency services. However, as mentioned on the popular resource on mobile phone tracking, […]

Gokivo app for BlackBerry, advanced GPS navigation system

Gokvia for blackberry

The day’s when we relied on old fashioned maps went years ago with the availability of Sat Nav’s that are either built into our cars, or purchased as standalone device. Times are changing again though with the explosion of the smartphone market, which has brought a huge range of applications that can offer similar functions […]

SOS GPS with KDDI Extreme Iridium satellite phone


Today we have news for you of a smartphone with a difference as KDDI has just released its first Iridium satellite phone with SOS GPS capability. Called the Extreme, this satphone features an SOS Button that can be used in case of emergencies and will show a GPS location. The Iridium Extreme is now the […]

The Best Three Mobile GPS Vehicle Tracking Devices

The Best Three Mobile GPS Vehicle Tracking Devices

Mobile GPS vehicle tracking devices are not something that is only used in law enforcement. Various families and businesses nationwide have discovered the peace of mind and convenience of these products. GPS devices are not only blocked products that one places underneath a car for tracking. These devices have taken revolutionized approach with a break-neck […]

Samsung Bada Wave 3 TomTom GPS, embed dream

Samsung Bada Wave 3 TomTom GPS, embed dream

Android smartphones are blessed with Google Maps, and we have always said that this mapping system is very good, but now it is time for TomTom to make its debut on handsets by way of integration. TomTom satellite navigation specialists have announced that they want to establish themselves more in the smartphone market, and step […]

iPhone 4S and Find My Friends Acts As Detective

iPhone 4S and Find My Friends Acts As Detective

Well now here’s a bit of an interesting story, apparently if you suspect your better half is dong a spot of extra marital cavorting there’s no need to hire an expensive private detective to find out if they are having a bit of away hanky panky as long as you have the iPhone 4S and […]

Pioneer SmartCradle GPS iPhone Car Dock (CES 2011) Auto Style

Pioneer SmartCradle GPS iPhone Car Dock

For all you Auto news lovers out there you will be happy to know Pioneer at CES 2011 have announced a brand new product called the SmartCradle for your vehicle that wants to hug your Apple iPhone. At the Las Vegas CES 2011 Show the Pioneer SmartCradle has been announced for the iPhone, which clearly […]

Nokia N96 releases in UK October 1st: 5MP, GPS and 3G


We all know that Nokia has been testing this handset for a while now to make sure it is up to scratch and must say this could be the next best selling phone on the market since the iPhone. The all new Nokia N96 will be releasing in the UK with various carriers on October […]

Motorola Alexander 8 megapixel phone with NVIDIA-sourced chipset and 3G graphics

Oh Motorola it seems you want to come back with the fight of your life and to be honest if you pull this one of then you have got half a chance of beating some of the big boys like Apple, HTC, and Samsung etc. You have to be honest Motorola are not bringing out […]

The mobile world is stumped: How does GPS work on phones?

how does gps work on phones

This is an update seeing as no one can answer what we put to you a while back, remember we published something we titled “Cell Phones: How can you tell if GPS is network dependent or totally stand alone? (See Here), well it seems the mobile world is stumped, including us. We has another email […]