Japanese up-skirt perverts will hate Apple iPhone 3G

All you Japanese perverts who love taking pictures up the skirts of unsuspecting women are now being warned that the iPhone 3G will have shutter sounds. According to Nobuyuki Hayashi who is a reporter has said that the camera on the iPhone 3G that are being sold in Japan will all make shutter sounds when […]

Sony Ericsson brings new colour to S500 and W580 mobile phones

Sony Ericsson

Sony Ericsson has splashed out of colour enhancing two of its existing mobile handsets; the S500 receives a “Steel Silver” paint job, while the W580 splashes in “Velvet Red. Both devices are of a slider design and present solid purchasing decisions within their respected categories. No official announcement from Sony Ericsson on this as yet, […]

Apple secures trademark for iPhone in Japan, Japan may get 3G?


It is reported that Apple is making friendly advances with Japanese company Aiphone, and both companies have apparently struck up a deal over the use of the iPhone trademark in Japan which allows both Apple and Aiphone to use said trademark. Although Aiphone isn’t quite the same as iPhone, apparently, both words are indistinguishable when […]

100 million mobiles sold by Panasonic


Panasonic has announced that it has sold its 100 millionth mobile handset in Japan; Panasonic has supplies their devices to carriers such as NTT DoCoMo, Softbank and KDDI. Back in 1979 was when Panasonic fist began selling mobile comms terminals, followed in 1987 but selling its first mobile phone. Since that time Panasonic has moved […]

Plasma screens coming to mobile via Panasonic


Panasonic, on Tuesday at a press conference revealed their future plans to bring plasma technology to the mobile phone arena. Rumour is Japanese giant Panasonic are already in negotiations with AT&T to deliver handsets, or rather the required technology for AT&T’s upcoming mobile TV service. Their ideas is to rival OLED while being used for […]

Slide keypad for the Japanese iPhone-san?


So here’s the Japanese take on the Apple iPhone, the Softbank 921SH or FullFace2. Has a remarkable resemblance to the Apple iPhone but with a slide-out standard 9 key keypad along with a 3.2 megapixel camera, but other than that there isn’t a lot more to say. Other than it does come in a range […]

Japanese mobile phones inside the art of creation

Japanese mobile

As they are seemingly so technically advanced it should come as little surprise the Japanese have the most advanced mobile handsets on the planet, but give it some thought for a moment, just what makes the Japanese that much different to say their Korean or European competitors? The Japanese use the same components as the […]

Could this actually be the Sony Ericsson W990?

Sony Ericsson W990

This probably isn’t the real McCoy, however it would be nice to think that Sony Ericsson is listening closely to the Market and will hopefully eventually release a handset like this. As you can note from the image below this device runs on Windows Mobile, and really comprised solely of a single huge touch-screen. I […]

Japan gains LG Shine gold handset through NTT DoCoMo

LG Shine

LG have presented their world hit model the Shine, model: L750iX to the Japanese market via NTT DoCoMo, and the Shine comes it a stunning gold colour. The Gold Shine sports a 2 megapixel camera, 7.2Mbps HSDPA, a 1-Seg dedicated to Japanese, and a microSD expansion slot. The Shine also gives 300 hours of standby […]

HTC S11HT EMONSTER & Toshiba H11T voice phones announced by Japanese carrier EMOBILE

EMOBILE the Japanese carriers have just announced two new mobile voice handsets which are the HTC S11HT EMONSTER which is obviously by HTC and the Toshiba H11T which is a Toshiba sourced phone. Does this mean the low-cost GSM carriers are moving on up in the world? The new introduction of the Toshiba sourced H11T […]