Samsung G800 main specifications just in: 5MP camera phone is a winner

The Samsung G800 is a phone that beats style, a camera that has 5 MP and a mobile phone that SHOUTS damn you got to love me baby. Remember back when we told you about the Samsung G800 mobile phone being leaked, well now we have more specifications for you.

Samsung G800 pic 2

The Samsung G800 for example has a small card slot that houses microSD and microSDHC flash memory support, the microSDHC 4GB will allow you more storage space which is great plus it has a brand new SanDisk microSDHC 8GB (possibly making its way to the G800). Read main specs below.

Samsung G800 main specifications —
– UMTS / GSM 900 / GSM 1800 / GSM 1900 Network
– 2.4 Inch TFT Display with 256K colors/240 x 320 pixels
– Vibration
– MP3 & Polyphonic (64 channels) Ringtones
– 1000 Entry Phonebook
– 30 missed calls, 30 dialed & 30 received (Call records)
– microSD (TransFlash) Card Slot
– 3G 384 kbps
– GPRS Class 10 (4+1/3+2 slots), 32 – 48 kbps
– Bluetooth

Samsung G800 pic 1

– USB v2.0
– Email, SMS & MMS Messaging
– HTML & WAP 2.0/xHTML Browser
– Games
– 5 MP Camera 2592 Ñ… 1944 pixels — autofocus – xenon flash – optical zoom & video
– MP3, AAC, AAC+, e-AAC+ & WMA music player
– Java MIDP 2.0
– Bluetooth printing
– Stereo FM radio
– T9
– Built-in handsfree
– Voice memo
– Document viewer (Word, Excel, Power Point, PDF)
– TV out
– 103 x 51 x 17 mm
– Infrared port — NO

When we know all about prices and contract options we will let you know soon as we can, in the meantime if you have any other information on the Samsung G800 then please do contact us.

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39 thoughts on “Samsung G800 main specifications just in: 5MP camera phone is a winner”

  1. Marco Moraes says:

    Hi, I want to know if this phone can work here in brazil, can I buy it and use here on Brazil normally, or its impossible….
    And how much, the price….

  2. asuffian says:

    surely it must be less than rm2000 when releases. by comparing with n95 (currently around 2+++), and k850i, this phone does not have WLAN, which is quite an upset. However, it does boast a slimmer 5MP camera phone, and a xenon flash, which only k850i can be compared to. (n95 does not have a xenon flash). A great phone all around, just wondering when it will be released.

  3. Navigator says:

    My past 5 mobile phones have been Samsungs and nothing has ever gone wrong with them. The G800 seems like a very well rounded phone with everything you need in a very small package. I will deffo be buying this when released in the U.K.

  4. Whayyyy folks.Just been on to Vodafone direct.If you’re in the Uk this little beauty is now available.!!!I too have had samsung phones for years and never had any trouble except i felt the camera’s picture quality could have been better.I own a D900 at the moment and am very excited about this new phone and hopefully the pictures should be a lot better with it’s new xenon flash being incorporated.

  5. beth ward says:

    i am trying to find the samsung G800 because it looks amazing and i have ALWAYS had a samsung phone because they have always worked really well with me, i wanted to know when this one came out, because i wanted it on o2 contract but i cant seem to find it does anyone know??

  6. Jamstar says:

    I’ve had Samsungs all the time I made the mistake of having a Nokia for the past 12 months. Roll on next Thursday my upgrade is due I’m so glad i’m with Vodafone the first opperator. It’s going to worth going from £30 a month to £35 to have this phone. Dead excited !!!!!!!!!!!

  7. Rovex says:

    Samsung need to get with the times. The camera maybe good, but the rest is seriously out of date. Where is the touch screen? smartphone OS? Even mp3 message alerts for hells sake! This is almost the opposite of the iPhone, good camera and nothing else. The iPhone is good screen and nothing else.

  8. Terry says:


    I have set up a sort of questionnaire for anyone who has this phone. Please comment and help people like myself to decide whether i should get the phone:

    1) Is the battery life on the phone good?
    2) Is the memory good?
    3) Is the keypad soft or does it hurt your fingers when you text?
    4) Are the ringtones / messgae tones, that already come on the phone good?
    5) Is the music or ringtone volume loud?
    6) Do you find the phone bulky, big, slim, heavy, light … ?
    7) What’s the total mark out of 10 overall?
    8) What feature(s) besides the camera do you like best?
    9) Are therre any disadvantages to the phone?
    10) Do you recommed the phone? If not, please state why and which phone you prefer?

  9. Craig says:

    I got this phone on vodafone contract about 5 days ago.. and it’s broke already!! It’s crap I wouldnt recommend it to anyone, within 4 hours of having the phone the screen would crash :@ and everyones raging about the camera… its seriously not that good. I’d say get a nokia i’m taking this one back

  10. can anyone tell me if you can zoom in on text msgs on the G800 like on the old D900.the G600 lets you do this but only lets you zoom in 3 times unlike the D900 which lets you zoom in many times many thanks gary

  11. Jamstar says:

    1) Battery life not great lasts bout a day thats with TV
    2) memory ok enough but you get 1gb card with it
    3) you do have press down firm.
    4) Not that good but you can use MPS on Ring tone & message
    5) Loader than my oldNokia 6234
    6) bulky Top heavy when txtin ,heavy
    7) 8.5/10
    8) Apart from editing the pics @ pic quality video good other than that pretty basic
    9) The lens shutter if its in ur pocket and u pull it out it turns the camera on cud do wiv a clip 2 hold in place.
    10) Its the same as the Nokia N71 so but Im a samsung fan my mrs had the G600 now that is lighter so better

  12. jamesx252 says:

    People shouldn’t just look at this phone and compare it to the other samsungs – you all seem to overlook the 3x optical zoom feature! The G600 may be lighter but although it has a 5MP camera, will be destroyed by the g800 in zooming image quality. The sharp 903 was the first phone to have optical zoom and its quality is still fantastic – it takes better, clearer photos than the 5MP LG viewty. So appreciate this samsung’s ability to zoom, because its a ground breaking one.

  13. jamesx252 says:

    Of course its better than the n95, it has optical zoom and higher picture resolution options. Google samsung g800, there is plenty of info on it now, mine arrives tomorrow, in shops this week!

  14. damo says:

    I got my g800 from pixmania.co.uk sim free cost £285 inc. delivery charge and delivered in 3 working days had mine for over two weeks it might be an import model from france but phone is in english only manual is french and website give you a uk adaptor free for charging the phone.
    As for rovex get with the times yourself touchscreen is annoying and you can do mp3 sms tones your obviously not using it correctly!!!.
    And craig remember some products do go wrong even nokia’s do you were unlucky thats all.
    Battery life is about 3 to 3half days i find phone is great I will admit camera not much of an improvement over g600 and official relaese date for sim free is 14/12/07ish Samsung have produced another great phone you wont be dissapointed with g800. There is a black one released next year.
    Oh and camera cover does slide open in your pocket from time to time which is my only gripe as it eats the battery. and i dont find it heavy.

  15. Mark says:

    Some nice comments damo, id agree with that. You won’t notice the difference between g600 camera until you really have to test zoom quality, ie days out, gigs etc. My sharp with 2x optical zoom (before i got g800) destroyed the LG viewty in quality at the Kanye gig last week.

    Wanted to ask, does anyone know how to set the default texting language to ABC, not T9 Predictive?

    Its my only single gripe with the phone, it always goes back to predictive if you go away from txting menu and then return.

  16. Chris Cardy says:

    I bought one today on Orange Dolphin 35.

    Like the look of the G800 and the features. I have always had Samsungs and find them really easy to use.

    As a bonus i got a Sony PSP for free with the phone with the promotion from Orange!!! score!

  17. pj says:

    ive just ordered my phone today on vodafone. fantastic deal for me since its a secondary phone – il be unlocking it and using a different contract sim on it but i got the phone on a exclusive web deal 12 month contract 30 quid and 200 mins and 250 txts…cant wait!! came across it yesterday in the cpw store and fell in love with it! checked the spec ot for it and i cant wait! had a samsung a few yr back when the matrix fone was out and was impressed by it

  18. kelly says:

    i jus got this fone and am lovin it, i’m a samsung fone which is why i went for it instead of the n81 but im glad i did. i am havin a bit of trouble workin out how to get my music on my fone from my computor but apart from that is great, and yes u can zoom in on the messages, didn’t know it was possible but im still tryin to work out y u would want to.

  19. Paul butler says:

    I have just got the g800which is very nice however the camera is a bit of a nightmare if you move even slightly the picture is completly blured and nowhere near as good as the cyber shot am i doing something wrong.

  20. Debs says:

    Can someone tell me how to get a decent photo on the G800?? I’ve read its a great camera on it but so far all the interior photos i have taken are dark even with the flash activated as it should be and the G600 photos are better and the Nokia N95 put mine to shame..I must be doing something wrong..When it takes the shot it looks great when it flashes, then when it saves it is really dark and poor…I’m pretty disappointed and wish i’d kept the G600 to be honest…

  21. Mark Starzynski says:

    Don’t use the flash unless its really dark. For a really good bright photo in dimming light change the exposure. Remember this is the first phone 5mp camera with 3x optical zoom AND ISO standards -its more professional, and whilst other 5mp ones will take quick snaps better on the surface, play around with the settings and you get a great photo.

  22. Toni says:

    i think that this phone is wicked, at first i did think itw as a bit big, but now i have come round to it and thing it is great, alot easier to find in the handbag lol, i managed to change my message tone but cant change my ringtone does any one else know how to? it also says that the phone has voice activating dialling, does any one know how to set it up, overall i would give the phone about 8/10 maybe 9/10 if i can chage the ring tone

  23. Iain says:

    Could anyone tell me if you can turn the light on manually to enable you to video in poor light/darkness? I’m aware you can on previous Samsung models.

  24. VANESSA says:

    How do I change my music songs to Mp3 as I cant set my ringtones that I downloaded as a ringtone.
    The ones that show Mp3 I vvan use as a ringtone but not the MP4.

    Can anyone help please?

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