Just a personal Happy Valentines Day to all our loving readers: Product Recap

We here at Phones Review just want to say we love you so much for coming here and reading our reviews, news and everything else that goes on, without you coming back we would obviously not carry on.

So what will you be doing on this special day and we would love to know what you bought your loved one for Valentines Day.

Below is a re-cap of some stuff we have done for Valentines Day —

valentines recap 1
Valentines Day special MMS Cards: Lovers will receive by mobile phone

valentines recap 2
Samsung E250 pink any network pay as you go for £49.99: In time for Valentines

valentines recap 3
Nokia 7373 mobile phone in pink, the perfect gift for Valentines Day

valentines recap 4
The Samsung F210 in sexy pink, just perfect for that special Valentines gift

valentines recap 5
Will you be my Valentines for a Samsung G600 pink?

valentines recap 6
BlackBerry Pearl 8110 Pink Expected February 2008, the perfect Valentines gift

valentines recap 7
Samsung L310 ladies phone for Valentines Day: Available in February

valentines recap 8
Samsung G600 pink launched and ready for Valentines Day

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