Can Google Nexus One dominate Apple and Linux OS?

Will Google push Android harder than ever and could GNU/Linux dominate the smart phone market? Smartphone Superphone call them what you may, but is the iPhone smartphone better than the Google Nexus One superphone? The iPhone according to the masses is much more superior for one simple fact; yes super rich App Store.

The Google Nexus One is new and we mean just a baby that only went on sale recently, whereas the iPhone has been around for a while now and continuing to woo customers left right and centre, what corner will you back?

Apple and Google is trying to dominate the market but where Google shine is the fact they offer unlocked phones whereas Apple do not, having multiple networks for users to choose from is a very good way to go but Apple only use a number of carriers like O2 and Orange for example, there are many networks out there with many users so give the customer a choice of who they wish to use. Why just AT&T with the iPhone when its customers seem a little ticked off with the service, Verizon could make its system work but would Apple agree and use them?

Google knows that they really need to step up its game with the app front, Google is more powerful than Apple and they could gain much more respect and to see many more apps on the Google Nexus One would be something special. Apple control its apps and so will Google, but and a big but we can see Google being more open.

Google has brought Linux to the end-users, this means that is an open-source and free operating system, then you have to think about Google Chrome OS for mobile. You got to love what Katonda has wrote about: They talk about GNU/Linux is not for the end users but clearly it is, they say you have Red Hat and Novell who focuses on the enterprise segment with their GNULinux products and then you have the likes of Canonical and Mandriva who work on the desktop segment, the bottom line is will Google push Android harder than ever and could GNU/Linux dominate the smart phone market?