Verizon Palm Pre Plus and Pixi Plus shows up on Website

Not spectacular news I know, but the Big Red has now put up their version of the webOS packing Palm Pre and Palm Pixi, the Plus version on their website showing off those Verizon prices with a 2 year contract reports engadget.

As you can see the Verizon Palm Pre Plus costs $149.99 while the lesser Palm Pixi Plus goes for $99.99, and the option to purchase a Palm Pre Plus and gain a Palm Pixi Plus for free.

So it’s now official, the Big Red is now the second carrier of the Palm Pre and Pixi smartphones, but as both handsets aren’t that dissimilar to Sprint’s versions unless you really want to be with Verizon rather than Sprint there’s not much real point in swapping.

Not much else to be said really, other than I wonder just how long it will take before the Plus versions also hit the free on contract zone like the Palm Pre has.

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