Will HTC HD2 See Windows Phone 7 Series Upgrade?

With the announcement of Microsoft Windows Phone 7 Series being made at Mobile World Congress, the speculation is that the HTC HD2 would be upgraded to Windows Phone 7; however, according to an article over on apcmag, the HTC HD2 will not see a Windows Phone 7 upgrade.

Apparently although the HTC HD2 mainly conforms to Microsoft’s criteria for upgrading to Windows Phone 7, the reason the HTC HD2 will not gain the upgrade is that the handset sports 5 buttons rather than the preferred 3 buttons as specified by Microsoft.

The general manager for Microsoft Mobile Communications Business Asia Pacific region, Natasha Kwan has apparently spoke to APC stating that the HTC HD2 doesn’t qualify for upgrading to WP7 because it doesn’t have 3 buttons and lacks a dedicated search key.

Microsoft isn’t simply singling out the HTC HD2 either as Jwan continued with saying that Microsoft has very specific requirements for WP7 Series and that the current handsets we have now will not be upgradable.

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