iPhone OS 4.0 Wish List announcement lacking features

We are more than happy with the results of yesterday’s Apple Event on iPhone OS 4.0, and many features were included on our wish list, but look a little further into it and you will see it is lacking features that we really would love to see.

OK, so the Apple new operating system that releases this summer will have folders, multitasking, game center, improved e-mail, iAds and so much more, but below is a list from Cnet that is missing from OS 4.0 announcement.

The new OS is missing: Mass storage mode, Tethering with AT&T, Flash support in Safari (But we knew Steve Jobs would never allow that), Audio profiles, how about Wi-Fi syncing or FM radio, it also lacks Printer support, Built-in photo editing and Multiple notification bar.

These are just a few things that are missing from iPhone OS 4, “What is missing from the new operating system that you would have liked?

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