HTC Desire is delayed at Orange UK due to high desirability

The HTC Desire, the latest high end phone from Taiwan based handset vendor HTC Corporation has launched on the European market. Now the company have registered the ever growing demand for the device which has had an affect on availability.

According to a report over at news.softpedia.com via eurodroid.com two wireless carrier both in the UK have already reported difficulties keeping up with the growing demand which was T Mobile and also Vodafone now we have news of a third struggling with the demand for the phone and that is Orange.

PR Manager for Orange UK Conor Maples has said that high demand is equalling delays in getting stock across all our channels. Working to fix this as a priority. BIG apologies. Although the handset is not available on the carriers website it is expected very soon probably over the weekend or early next week.

The HTC Desire comes to the market as the brother of the Nexus One by HTC, however while the latter is sold exclusively via Google’s web store and offers a Google experience, the former is just being marketed by carriers and also resellers and features include HTC’s touch over the Android experience which is HTC Sense. Both of the devices when it comes to the hardware are pretty similar.

Orange is rumoured to bring a Black edition of the HTC Desire to the country soon too perhaps at the end of this month. It has also been reported to be available exclusively via the carrier, it does remain to be seen though as to what changes the Black model may or may not bring with it.