New Apple iPhone 4G 2010,Verizon, Gizmodo and OS 4.0

Talk about the new Apple iPhone 4G 2010 for summer release is getting very hot indeed, even more so when it comes to news about Verizon iPhone, OS 4.0 and the Gizmodo lost/stolen iPhone prototype.

We will not bore you senseless so we will get straight to the point, we know for sure that the new iPhone OS 4.0 will gets its summer 2010 release, which will feature multi-touch, games centre and so much more.

We believe that the new iPhone 4G/HD will launch at WWDC 2010 in June. Moving quickly onto Verizon Wireless, they are now allowing you to pre-order your HTC Droid Incredible smartphone online and it will be delivered April 29th.

Seeing as Verizon is releasing the HTC Incredible how long will Big Red customers have to wait for the new iPhone (Possibly CDMA version)?

Gizmodo got their hands on an iPhone Prototype that was handed to them being it lost or stolen (Who Knows), we did publish photos of this new upcoming device but took the images down for legal reasons. Gizmodo received a letter from Apple asking for them to return the iPhone; we even asked if Apple would sue Gizmodo, which you can read about here.

We are now pondering on the thought of this new iPhone prototype being the real and final design, if Apple is asking for it back are they hiding something. If this was the finished design, will Apple go back to the drawing board and tweak its looks as they like us to be awed, cannot be awed if we know what it looks like can we.

Loads of questions for you: Will Apple unveil new iPhone 4G June 2010 at WWDC? Will Verizon release new CDMA iPhone? Do you think Apple will sue Gizmodo for handling prototype iPhone?

We could sit here all day talking about the above and what to expect, but we will wait for official news from Apple.

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