HTC Desire – T Mobile free movies from Warner Bros

Here is an interesting article thanks to the folks over at simbasics.co.uk via mobileoffers.co.uk especially if you are a HTC Desire owner on T Mobile.

Thanks to a new promotion those of you with an HTC Desire are now going to be able to download and watch movies on your handsets for free and you can choose two.

You have the choice of eight movies complimentary from Warner Bros and the films include Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince, The Hangover, Lethal Weapon and also an Interview with a Vampire.

It has been reported that T Mobile will be allowing it’s customers that have a HTC Desire to view films for 48 hours during that time you will also be able to watch them through either your handset or on your PC. The reason behind the promotion is to raise awareness of its new video rental service which is known as VOD Video on Demand.

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