Foxconn Suicides: What the Hell is Wrong?

I am fairly sure just about everyone in the mobile space knows about the rash of suicides at iPhone maker Foxconn. To be honest one suicide would be enough but for some strange reason Foxconn has seen more than enough of this.

It appears yet another youth has plunged to their death from a window as reported over on micgadget, the death of the 21 year old brings to tally to 10 and this time pictures and videos have hit the net, the videos can be viewed at micgadget, but I haven’t posted them here.

Foxconn, as we all know manufacture iPhone units and in recent times has been in the news over these deaths which they can’t seem to put a stop to, and there’s even a video of Foxconn guards beating up workers floating around the net somewhere.

The thing is isn’t it about time something was done to find out why this suicidal epidemic is occurring? To simply have so many of them happen at one place seems strange to me and something needs to be done before the tally rises even more.

So I’m asking this question of our readers, what do you think is happening at Foxconn for these tragedies to happen, and do you thing Foxconn should be closed if they continue?

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5 thoughts on “Foxconn Suicides: What the Hell is Wrong?”

  1. Martin Hill says:

    Actually, 7 suicides so far this year out of almost half a million workers (400,000) while very sad is actually far below the suicide rates of most countries including the USA and a third the rate of the rest of China.

    Extrapolating the figures, Foxconn has the low suicide rate equivalent of only 4.5 per 100,000 per year. 

    Here's a list of the suicide rates per 100,000 per year in a few other countries for comparison (figures from Wikipedia):

    UK = 6.4
    Australia = 10.9
    USA= 11.2
    Canada = 11.6
    Rest of China = 13.9
    France = 17.0 
    Finland = 18.4
    Japan = 24.4 
    Russia = 27.1
    Belarus = 35.1

    Quite amazing considering one would have expected assembly line workers who are bang smack in the middle of the high risk 16-35 age group to have a higher suicide rate than the general population. 


  2. movieman1942 says:

    I would say somebody is looking for extra money selling Apples secrets and somebody doesnt like it. Corporate SECURITY here and in China is nothing new.

  3. John says:

    Yeah, I don't know what the hell is going on there. Mabye it's the poor working conditions and the fact that every worker is caged in, away form families. Or is it somthing more? I doubt 'foxconn' will turn around and give us the real reseon but I'm sure that they know. It's ahsame to see so many die in one place. Somthing strange is happening there, and I don't like it.

  4. Jason says:

    Don't put all the blame on apple. The Chinese government is more than happy to exploit it's "Nobody" population to American companies. If it's not apple, it's some other American company. Communism has no respect for life. Capitalism does'nt either for that matter.

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