Amazon Offers New T-Mobile Customers Android G2 at $99

Although you may not be able at this moment in time to root the T-Mobile G2 smartphone, it doesn’t make it less an attractive Android 2.2 handset, and it has even become more attracted on Amazon.com.

According to an article over on Android Community by Dylan Bailey, even though the build quality of the device is somewhat questionable, the T-Mobile G2 is still an impressive device and even more so now that Amazon has dropped the asking price.

Apparently Amazon.com is now offering the Android 2.2 T-Mobile G2 for just $99 for new T-Mobile customers signing up for a two year agreement and also includes 2-day shipping.

If you are now of a mind to snap up the T-Mobile G2 handset you can check out availability and place your order by visiting Amazon.com as of right this minute, so anyone going to rush over to Amazon and purchase the G2 for only $99?

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