iOS 4.2 Delivers Native MIDI Hardware Support: Video

Apparently the word is Apple’s new operating system; iOS 4.2 will deliver native MIDI hardware support which will enable MIDI capable hardware to connect with Apple products such as the iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch.

According to an article over on Toms Guide by Kevin Parrish, unnames sources have revealed details regarding external hardware which includes two methods of connection for Apple devices, MIDI via USB and WiFi MIDI, with the USB MIDI utilising the iPad camera connection kit’s USB adapter.

Basically according to Parrish this is a significant step for musicians as producing apps for the iPhone and iPad would mean there would be touch screen MIDI controls on a handy mobile device although the aspects of WiFi MIDI on iOS 4.2 are unclear.

We have a video demonstration of using USB MIDI on the iPad for you viewing pleasure below just so you can see for yourself which comes our way courtesy of Create Digital Music, and they have loads more videos on the subject if you wish to check them out, but for now hit up that play button to see what its all about…enjoy.

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