Nokia N8 Tip, Footage Capture in Low Light: Video

As you know when using your smartphone to snap a picture most handsets come with a flash but what about when shooting video footage? Obviously most smartphone videos don’t come with any real light for low light level shooting, but we have a tip for owners of the Nokia N8 or rather anyone with a smartphone can use.

The video footage low light tip comes in the form of a video courtesy of Jay Montano over at My Nokia Blog, by way of GlobalDVC, and in the video camera guru Jan Van der Meer delivers a tip on how to get enough light in low light situations when shooting video with the Nokia N8.

The tip is to use a “Ring light” which is basically a disk of lights that can be attached to your Nokia N8 that costs just a few dollars and can be attached quite simply with Velcro, and will give off enough light to “enough light to enlighten your whole house.”

So if you own a Nokia N8 or any other smartphone for that matter and are struggling with low level light conditions when shooting video, head on down and check out this Nokia N8 tip…enjoy.

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