Apple Store Down: iPad 2 is Coming

There has been a lot of anticipation and excitement surrounding the new Apple iPad 2, many of us wondering what it will actually look like and what features it will possess. Well in approximately one hour from now the wait should be over, as the Apple iPad 2 is expected to be announced at a special event today at 6pm.

At present the Apple Store is down, as they are currently updating the store and are expected to be back online shortly after the announcement of the new Apple iPad 2 is made. As stated by Mashable this is one of the biggest product launches of the year.

There have been rumours today that Amazon may have been privy to the specs, price and expected release date of the Apple iPad 2, see James’ earlier post here. With all the build up surrounding this new tablet, it is no wonder that rumours and speculation are going to fly around. But, all this will soon stop after the unveiling.

Also, according to a number of sources it is believed that Steve Jobs may be attending the event tonight, for more information on this please see Marks’ earlier post here.

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