iPad 2 March Event: We Also Want Announced

Less than one hour to go until the big iPad 2 March event kicks off and we are all getting a little excited, hopefully we will see Steve Jobs and COO Tim Cook together on the stage.

The Apple event is going to bring some great news that we have wanted answered for a while now and we already know that the new iPad 2 will make an appearance and a few other bits. But the question is “We also want announced is?”

Now if you look at our poll below this article we have set up there are a few other things that we would love to be mentioned at the event such as announcing the White iPhone, or a Sneak peek at iOS 5, would be great to see a few features to do with MobileMe Updates, Social Networking App, we have added a few more below so please do vote.

Stay with us because we will be covering all news to do with the iPad 2 Event and more, this will be hot. Join us on Facebook or Twitter.

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